Why You Should Swap Baby Wipes for Re-usable Cheeky Wipes


Baby wipes account for a huge amount of waste and did you know many contain plastic? 90% of UK wipes contain polluting plastic. With UK parents getting through nearly 9,000 wipes each year on average. When you total up the number of wipes needed over approximately 2.5-3 years, that is an eye-watering amount of baby wipes. With each one taking up to 100 years to decompose. While doing so it can also harm wildlife, our oceans, and waterways. By just making one simple swap to using reusable cheeky wipes you could help the environment and your wallet.

You may not think that baby wipes cost that much money but over time it all adds up. I remember with Jess we used to use whatever was cheapest and then the Aldi ones when they became more convenient for us. I had a quick look and found that a single pack of baby wipes in Aldi is now 52p. However, if you do choose a premium brand such as water wipes these are closer to £2.50 a packet. For an investment of £42, you can purchase reusable cheeky wipes, this means that you will be saving money. Cheeky wipes claim that you can be in profit after just 9 weeks. You can save as much as £450 over the course of using baby wipes with your child. This is something which all of us want to do even if saving the planet is not something you are that bothered about. Saving money and also the environment by not using baby wipes which are full of plastics. Of course, you can use your kit of reusable wipes with additional children in the future as well.

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Reusable cheeky wipes can be amazing for babies and children who have very sensitive skin. After all, they are just cloth material similar to a flannel and essential oils which make them smell nice. This also stops them from becoming stale. Reusable cheeky wipes are made up of 99% water and 1% essential oil. So if your little one does struggle with sensitive skin this could be a great reason to make the switch. Luckily sensitive skin is something that I have never struggled with. However, I know the baby wipes which are designed for sensitive skin can be more expensive. Plus by making the switch you are going to know that the chance of the cheeky wipes reacting is considerably lower as they are just cloth and essential oils. Rather than been made up of plastics and other harsh chemicals which could cause a horrible reaction for your little one.

You do not have any waste because you reuse them by washing them in the washing machine. People think that this is going to be expensive because you are having to do additional loads of washing. Cheeky wipes have done their research. They found if you wash the reusable wipes every other day this is only an additional 6 loads of washing per year. This only equates to a cost of £3 per year which is just over the price of a packet of premium baby wipes. For some reason, people have the idea that is going to cost them a lot having to do additional washing however, this could not be further from the case.

Another bonus of reusable wipes is they are not thin like some of the baby wipes which you can purchase. This means that there is no more ripping them when you are trying to get them out of the packet. This is something that used to happen to me a lot when we used them with Jess. This meant that you would end up using more baby wipes than you would have needed to. It also means that you do not get poo on your hands when you are using them because they are a lot thicker than the disposable ones. This for me is a huge bonus because who wants poo on their hands when there changing a nappy. I know for one it is not something which I like.

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Another benefit of using reusable cheeky wipes is the fact that you generally tend to use less. I have found that we are usually only or two wipes maximum even if it is a bad nappy. Which is considerably lower than when we used traditional baby wipes as I remember with a bad nappy you could get through a handful. This does mean that you do not have to carry many baby wipes which can be great if you are just going to pop out and do not want to take too much with you.

One of the worst things as a parent can be running out of baby wipes or also nappies. However, when you have reusables this is never an issue when you are getting low or on a nappy wash day, you stick them all in the washing machine. Within a couple of hours they are going to be clean. Due to the nature of the reusable cheeky wipes, they do not have to be fully dry for you to be able to use them. It is fine if they are still a little bit damp when go to use them because they need to be wet in order to work.

Are you now more willing to make the switch? Ditching traditional baby wipes for reusable cheeky wipes?

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