Your Pregnancy at Week 12

Your Pregnancy at Week 12

It's the end of your first trimester!

Week 12

your baby this week:

Amazingly by this point, all the building work is complete, with all the necessary bits and pieces in place; the stomach, liver, pancreas, and intestines, and is practising using its tiny little lungs. Even though it has doubled in size since week 9, all your baby needs to do now is continue to grow! At the moment, the baby is around 5 cm long and weighs about 18 grams - around the size of a small plum or lime, so plenty more room for packing on some pounds!

As your little one grows, they are starting to ascend out of the pelvic area, and you may even be able to feel the firmness of your baby in your belly and see a slight bulge side-on. Have you started to take some snapshots of your baby bump?

your body:

Yay! You have hit the 12-week milestone. One that everyone is pleased to get to at this point, as the risk of miscarriage reduces significantly, and a lot of your worries are rightfully eased. If you have been suffering with nausea and fatigue, you may well find that those symptoms start to ebb away from this point onwards, and likely be replaced with a renewed sense of energy as you make your way into your second trimester.

Remember, it continues to be important to keep hydrated, as your body produces the amniotic fluid surrounding your baby, and your increased blood supply means you must keep taking in a healthy level of water each day, as well as your prenatal vitamins.

You are finally at the end of your first trimester, but sadly, so too is your ability to fit into your regular clothes. A tricky time as you are maybe not big enough for maternity wear, but your usual clothes may be asking for some backup! Time to start shopping maybe. Our essentials include maternity leggings and baggy T-shirts (go one size up for growing room if non-maternity wear) and oversized jumpers.

Louise Broadbridge - Our Expert Midwife

Hi, my name is Louise, I am a Registered Midwife, founder of Let's Talk Birth and Baby and the face behind Instagram's The Honest Midwife. I have worked in health settings for the past 30 years, the majority of which have been working in children and family settings.

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your tips & to do's:

You're reaching a milestone - the end of your first trimester - are you finally ready to share your news? For many women, this milestone is what grants them the comfort of sharing their pregnancy with friends and loved ones. If you've been waiting to spread the news, you might decide to let people in on your little secret in a creative, fun, or dramatic way. For example, if you gather a group of family members and/or friends together, ask someone to take a photo of you and your partner. Right before the picture is taken, proudly announce, "I need a great shot of the three of us!" And then wait for it to sink in. Alternatively, turn the camera around. Pose your family and friends together for a group shot. But instead of instructing them to say, "cheese," before snapping the photo, say, "We're having a baby!" The resulting photo will be a fantastic memento for the baby book. Or you can invite guests over for a dinner party with a theme: baby carrots, baby greens, baby back ribs... see how long it takes before someone starts asking questions.

Don't forget to take a profile picture of your growing belly this week!

Practice putting your feet up! As the weeks continue, you will need to be patient with yourself. Keep an eye on your stress levels. If your ankles are swelling, or if you are feeling overwhelmed, sit in a comfy chair and elevate your feet for 30 minutes. Read a book, drink some warm tea, or listen to relaxing music. This is the time to be your own best friend. It's okay to feel nervous. Just be sure to listen to your mind and body when it needs some down time.

Everything you need to know about your 12-week scan is fully explained here by The Honest Midwife.

your symptoms

If you still don't feel any pregnancy symptoms, you officially made it through the entire first trimester and feel great. It you are like most expectant moms, here are some things you're likely feeling.

  • Morning sickness, nausea, and/or vomiting
  • Elevated hCG levels
  • Skin darkening
  • Increased vaginal discharge
  • Headaches and/or dizziness
  • Heartburn and/or indigestion
  • Spotting (at 12 weeks, spotting can be worrisome or completely normal, so it's good idea to call your midwife or doctor to determine which is a good idea)
  • Low sex drive

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