12 Inventive Elf on the Shelf Hiding Spots for Younger Kids

elf on the shelf

The festive season is here, and what better way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit than the return of the Elf on the Shelf? If you're a parent tackling this tradition for the first time, or just looking for some new ideas to get a head start, we've got 10 inventive hiding spots that will not only surprise your toddler but also make your Elf on the Shelf adventure stress-free.

Under the Christmas Tree Blanket Fort

Transform your Christmas tree area into a cosy den by draping a blanket over the lower branches. Nestle the elf within, surrounded by a few mini stuffed animals, creating a Christmas hideaway for your little one to discover.

Zip-Line Elf

Attach a string or ribbon from one end of the room to the other, creating a mini zip-line for the elf. Hang your elf in the middle, giving the illusion of them being mid-journey across the room. Your toddler will be amazed by the elf's daring activities!

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Elf Bubble Bath

Turn your bathroom into a bubbly haven by filling the sink with bubble bath. Sit the elf in the bubbles, armed with a tiny rubber ducky or a miniature boat to capture the perfect bubble bath scene for your little one to discover.

Balloon Expedition

Tie a bunch of helium balloons to your elf and let it float to the ceiling overnight. Your little one will wake up to find the elf floating near the ceiling and marvel at their flying magic! Attach a small note to the balloon for an extra touch of magic.

Cereal Box Surprise

For a quick and easy setup, place the elf inside an open cereal box on the breakfast table. Sprinkle a bit of cereal around to make it look like the elf has been snacking the cereal aisle. Make sure to wait until your cereal is almost empty. No need to waste food for the elf’s adventures!

Elf Movie Night

Arrange a mini movie night by setting up a tiny TV made from a cardboard box. Position your elf on a mini couch made from cushions, surrounded by popcorn and the TV remote. Your toddler will think the elf has been up all night watching Christmas movies! Or, if you’re the first one up, you can make it even more realistic by putting a Christmas movie on the real TV.

Miniature Toy Parade

Line up some of your toddler's favourite figurine toys, creating a festive Christmas parade through the room. Position the elf as the grand marshal, leading the parade. Add in a few bits of tinsel and Christmas light for an added touch for the parade.

Magic Mirror Message

This one’s a classic but always gets a great response from little ones. Use a lipstick or washable marker pen to leave a special message from the elf on a bathroom mirror. Write a simple Christmas message or use it as a clue to the elf's next hiding spot. Your little one will be thrilled to find a personalised message just for them!

Snowy Elf Playground

Create a winter wonderland by sprinkling a small amount of flour on a table or countertop. Place the elf in the middle, surrounded by miniature snowballs made from cotton balls. It's a snowy scene that brings the Christmas spirit indoors!

Ballet Elf

Transform your elf into a ballerina by attaching tiny ribbons or fabric to create a tutu. Place the elf on a small stage made from a box covered in wrapping paper, and let the holiday dance recital begin! Your little one might even join in and have a fun morning of dancing with the elf.

Elf Gardening

Sprinkle a bit of magic dust (glitter or cake sprinkles) on a small potted plant or a bowl of soil. Place the elf nearby with a tiny watering can (cut off the end of a soap bottle dispenser for an easy make-shift watering can look) as if it has been helping the garden grow overnight with their Christmas magic.

Elf Spa Day

Even elves need a day off every now and then. Transform the bathroom into an elf spa retreat. Set up a small towel, a bathrobe, tiny pieces of cucumber, and some "bath" accessories for the elf (barbie or other doll accessories are a great option). Your little one will enjoy finding the elf indulging in a spa day of relaxation!

These inventive hiding spots will have your little one excited to discover the elf’s adventures each morning. Take note of the set-ups you like the sound of and plan your elf shenanigans ahead of time to prevent last-minute scrambles once your little one has gone to bed!

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