30 Unique Baby Names Inspired By Harry Potter

Harry Potter baby names

If you’ve found yourself swept away by the magic of Harry Potter and are dreaming of names for your little one that are just as enchanting, you're in the right place.

Choosing a name from this beloved series isn’t just for the super fans; it’s for anyone who wants their child to carry a name filled with courage, wisdom, and a pinch of magic. Each name echoes the qualities of its character—think of the intelligence and resourcefulness that Hermione brings to her name, or the kind-heartedness and resilience of Luna. Here, we’ll dive into a mix of popular and lesser-known names inspired by the Harry Potter universe. You’ll get to see what each name means, how it’s trending, and even the personality traits it might sprinkle over your little one's future. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find the perfect one that just “clicks” for your little wizard or witch in the making!

Harry Potter-Inspired Baby Names


  • Character: Severus Snape, known for his complexity and ultimate loyalty.
  • Meaning: "Severe" or "stern"
  • Popularity: Increasing, especially among fans who appreciate the character's depth and redemption.
  • Personality Number: 8 (Leader and brave)


  • Character: Minerva McGonagall, the wise and strict yet caring professor.
  • Meaning: Named after the Roman goddess of wisdom
  • Popularity: Gaining traction, admired for its classical roots and strong character connection.
  • Personality Number: 5 (Intelligent and dynamic)
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  • Character: Luna Lovegood, loved for her eccentricity and honesty.
  • Meaning: "The moon"
  • Popularity: Increasing, as parents are drawn to her quirky and kind-hearted nature.
  • Personality Number: 9 (Creative and humanitarian)


  • Character: Neville Longbottom, admired for his courage and growth.
  • Meaning: "New village"
  • Popularity: Rising, as his character represents true grit and heroism.
  • Personality Number: 8 (Hardworking and courageous)


  • Character: Draco Malfoy, a complex character with a redemption arc.
  • Meaning: "Dragon"
  • Popularity: Moderate, appealing for its powerful sound and literary connection.
  • Personality Number: 4 (Strong and determined)
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  • Character: Ginny Weasley, known for her fiery spirit and independence.
  • Meaning: A diminutive of Virginia, meaning "pure"
  • Popularity: Steadily popular, especially admired by fans of strong female characters.
  • Personality Number: 1 (Ambitious and assertive)


  • Character: Cedric Diggory, the epitome of fairness and sportsmanship.
  • Meaning: "Bounty"
  • Popularity: Gained traction posthumously within the series.
  • Personality Number: 2 (Diplomatic and peacemaking)


  • Character: Albus Dumbledore, the wise and powerful headmaster.
  • Meaning: "White"
  • Popularity: Growing, particularly among fans who value wisdom and leadership.
  • Personality Number: 9 (Philosophical and insightful)
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  • Character: Sirius Black, known for his loyalty and complexity.
  • Meaning: Named after the brightest star in the night sky
  • Popularity: Niche but stable, admired for its celestial connection and deep character portrayal.
  • Personality Number: 1 (Bold and innovative)


  • Character: Remus Lupin, the kind-hearted professor afflicted with lycanthropy.
  • Meaning: Named after one of the mythical founders of Rome
  • Popularity: Moderate, with appeal for its ancient roots and heroic character traits.
  • Personality Number: 9 (Compassionate and teacherly)


  • Character: Bellatrix Lestrange, known for her fierce loyalty and dark nature.
  • Meaning: "Female warrior"
  • Popularity: Niche but growing among those drawn to strong, impactful names.
  • Personality Number: 1 (Powerful and ambitious)


  • Character: Lucius Malfoy, the aristocratic and ambitious father of Draco.
  • Meaning: "Light"
  • Popularity: Stable, chosen for its ancient dignity and the character's complex portrayal.
  • Personality Number: 3 (Charming and sophisticated)


  • Character: Nymphadora Tonks, the quirky and brave Auror.
  • Meaning: "Gift of the nymphs"
  • Popularity: Rare, but beloved for its uniqueness and the character's beloved personality.
  • Personality Number: 6 (Loyal and adaptable)


  • Character: Fleur Delacour, the graceful and powerful Triwizard Tournament champion.
  • Meaning: "Flower"
  • Popularity: Rising, especially among those who value elegance and strength.
  • Personality Number: 2 (Diplomatic and graceful)
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  • Character: Argus Filch, the cantankerous caretaker of Hogwarts.
  • Meaning: Named after the mythological figure with many eyes
  • Popularity: Niche, appealing for its mythological roots and memorable character.
  • Personality Number: 4 (Hardworking and meticulous)


  • Character: Rowena Ravenclaw, one of the founders of Hogwarts, known for her intelligence.
  • Meaning: "White spear" or "fame"
  • Popularity: Gaining, as more parents are drawn to its historical and strong literary association.
  • Personality Number: 7 (Wise and creative)


  • Character: Cornelius Fudge, the often misguided Minister for Magic.
  • Meaning: "Horn"
  • Popularity: Moderate, with a classic feel that appeals to those looking for a traditional name with a literary twist.
  • Personality Number: 8 (Executive and authoritative)
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  • Character: Cho Chang, known for her beauty and tragic love story.
  • Meaning: "Beautiful"
  • Popularity: Stable, popular in communities appreciating concise and meaningful names.
  • Personality Number: 6 (Sensitive and artistic)


  • Character: Gilderoy Lockhart, the boastful and incompetent celebrity.
  • Meaning: "Golden king"
  • Popularity: Rare, chosen for its unique sound and humorous character connection.
  • Personality Number: 3 (Expressive and charismatic)


  • Character: Viktor Krum, the skilled Bulgarian Quidditch player.
  • Meaning: "Conqueror"
  • Popularity: Steadily popular, especially among fans of the character's athletic prowess.
  • Personality Number: 1 (Ambitious and independent)


  • Character: Helga Hufflepuff, one of the founders of Hogwarts, known for her kindness.
  • Meaning: "Holy"
  • Popularity: Gaining among those who admire the character’s values and the name's vintage charm.
  • Personality Number: 9 (Nurturing and altruistic)


  • Character: Kingsley Shacklebolt, the capable and dignified Auror.
  • Meaning: "From the king's meadow"
  • Popularity: Rising, favoured for its regal sound and the character’s strong presence.
  • Personality Number: 4 (Steady and reliable)


  • Character: Xenophilius Lovegood, the eccentric father of Luna.
  • Meaning: "Fond of strangers"
  • Popularity: Very niche, chosen for its uniqueness and distinctive character association.
  • Personality Number: 7 (Eccentric and intellectual)


  • Character: Pansy Parkinson, a member of Slytherin known for her sharp tongue.
  • Meaning: "Thought"
  • Popularity: Moderate, with some popularity due to its floral association despite the character's less favourable traits.
  • Personality Number: 5 (Vibrant and perceptive)


  • Character: Harry Potter, the brave and resilient protagonist.
  • Meaning: "Army ruler"
  • Popularity: Consistently high, bolstered by the character’s popularity.
  • Personality Number: 1 (Leader and independent)


  • Character: Hermione Granger, known for her intelligence and loyalty.
  • Meaning: "Traveler" or "earthly"
  • Popularity: Rising, especially due to her strong, positive role model status.
  • Personality Number: 7 (Intellectual and thoughtful)
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  • Character: Ron Weasley, the loyal friend and source of comic relief.
  • Meaning: "Ruler's counsellor"
  • Popularity: Stable, a classic choice for its simplicity and character association.
  • Personality Number: 6 (Warm and nurturing)


  • Character: Millicent Bulstrode, another Slytherin student.
  • Meaning: "Strong in work"
  • Popularity: Rare, with a vintage charm that may appeal to some parents.
  • Personality Number: 8 (Strong-willed and practical)


  • Character: Arabella Figg, the squib neighbour of Harry who watches over him.
  • Meaning: "Yielding to prayer"
  • Popularity: Steadily increasing, appreciated for its elegant sound and connection to a kindly character.
  • Personality Number: 6 (Compassionate and protective)


  • Character: Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin student known for his enigmatic presence.
  • Meaning: "Stutter"
  • Popularity: Moderate, appealing for its sleek and modern sound.
  • Personality Number: 1 (Ambitious and mysterious)
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