4 Reasons Why You Deserve a Child-Free Holiday

two women on holiday

Let me tell you a secret, I've taken some time off over half term so that my husband, who is a teacher, and I can get away for a little holiday. The catch is, we aren’t taking the children with us.

The kids are spending time with their nan instead, giving us a mini break from it all. Some might judge me for that, but I am a firm believer that parents deserve a child-free break.

Whether it's simply a date night (in a strictly child-free zone) or a child-free holiday to spend some precious time relaxing (preferably by the beach with a mojito in hand), here's why you should consider an adults-only break this year: 

You Can’t Pour From an Empty Cup

Parenting is hard work, really hard work. When you add in a full-time job and all the general life admin the average adult has to cope with alongside, it's no wonder that many of us are left feeling somewhat burnt out by the time another month comes to an end.

There’s a reason they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first in case of an accident on a plane - you can't look after anybody else successfully when you haven’t taken care of yourself first and foremost.

Taking a break from being a mum or dad for a little while can make all the difference. Let’s face it, holidays with children aren’t generally known to be relaxing, so take some time for yourself and have a child-free break to get you rested and ready to parent again on your return! 

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Parenthood Doesn’t Define You 

Let's remember parenthood is not the only personality trait you have.

You were once an adult who wasn’t defined by having given birth. You are still that person. Take some time for yourself, or for you and your partner, because you deserve it and because you deserve to be you for a while rather than ‘just’ mum or dad. 

Variety is The Spice of Life 

Don't get me wrong, I love a family holiday.

Some of my favourite memories are of spending a few festive days in Disneyland with my children, and I have so many photos documenting trips across the UK with the kids and my mum as well (we love a cross-generational trip in our family).

However, I also love to take trips away to cities in the UK with just my husband, and I live for my annual girl’s reunion break with my two university friends. Variety truly is the spice of life, and I can happily holiday with my children, and without them, without the guilt some people suggest I should feel.

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Time Spent with Relatives is Precious 

I know we're fortunate to have relatives who are able and willing to look after our children to allow us to get away without them. If you do have family who can help though, it is so lovely for children to spend time with their extended family whilst you get away.

My mum absolutely adores being able to holiday with my children or to have them stay for a day or two on the odd weekend throughout the year, and my brothers and sister know that I would always return the favour if they wanted or needed to get away once they have families of their own - it's so nice for them all to have quality time together. 


So there you have it, just some of the reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty for taking some child-free time-out.

I know, from experience, that parents thrive from having and enjoying time to themselves, and taking a holiday without children is an act of self-care - don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! 

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