5 Staycation Ideas for the Family this Summer


I listen to a lot of podcasts, most happy and positive. One presenter this week commented that summer 2020 was “lost”. Now with my pessimistic hat on, I’d have to agree. No holidays, no day trips, no playing in the park and picnics on the beach with friends. It really is the “lost” summer. One we will all remember in years to come. But it doesn’t have to be a failure before it’s even started. Like most of the country (and the world!) we’ll be at home this summer. And my aim is to make the bloody most of it. So today I share a few ideas for staycations – summer fun, right on your doorstep. Feel free to share your own ideas too. Anything to get us through another couple of months with the kids.

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Garden Camping

A mum friend recently did this with her kids. I think she’s bloody nuts. But if you’re game, pitch a tent in your back garden, fire up the BBQ and enjoy. Personally, I prefer my home comforts. Aka me bed. Camping is always fun when you’re a kid though so pitching up in the back garden is a nice go-between. At least you can nip inside for a pee in the middle of the night.

Local Picnics

Now when I say local, I mean super local. As in a “five-minute walk from the house” local. Just before someone turned the weather off, we would pack up our lunch and have a picnic on a bit of grass not far from home. My six-year-old thinks it’s great. Such a novelty. It’s simple to do as you’d only be making lunch for everyone anyway. If you don’t want to leave the house, have a lounge picnic or perhaps chuck a blanket out in the garden.

Treasure Hunts

My son loves treasure hunts. Indoor and outdoor types. There are loads of free printables online so go grab some and get hunting. Simple games that require minimal effort are a win here. I’ve also seen selfie hunts too where you must take selfies around the home and garden. Simple things ey.

Paddling Pools

If the weather is hot a paddling pool can convert a garden into insta-holiday feel. We picked up an eight-foot pool and use a small chlorine tablet dispenser to keep the water clean. It’s easy to use and means the sides don’t go all slimy. You could use a pool cover too.

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Local Area

Now that we can venture out a little further, there’s a lot to be said for exploring our immediate surroundings. Since the lockdown, we’ve discovered several new places right on our doorstep – woods, walks and nature. I’ve even managed a sunrise morning! Getting up at 4 am to hike to the top of a hill to watch the sun come up. It was beautiful. I was inspired by a few photos on a local Facebook group. It’s worth having a scroll through your local groups, or asking the question – where can I find our hidden gems? You might be surprised.

What are your plans for summer 2020? Have you written it off yet or are you aiming to go into it with positivity? It would be easy for me to feel low about things right now. I just lost my job; I haven’t seen my friends and family for months now – and it’s stressful at home trying to find work and look after two young children. But we’re all going through it and I’ve been trying to make the most of it as much as possible.

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