7 Ways to Make the Most of Baby Show Events

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Baby fayres, shows, and other events can be the perfect place to get access to all of the best parenting companies and products, all under one roof.

Still, with so much to take in at the busy events, or if this is your first baby show, we’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks to make the most of what to expect and how to navigate the day.

Research the Brands Before You Visit

While a lot of baby fayres and shows are a similar set up, try to do some research ahead of time on the specific brands and products that will be there. 

Have a browse of the exhibitor website and a look on social media to see specific exhibitors and brands that will be making an appearance. It could well be that you’ll get the chance to see some small e-commerce businesses and products that are usually only available online. You can’t beat a try-before-you-buy exclusive!

Come Prepared With a List and a Budget

The cost of preparing for your baby’s arrival can easily add up, but there are certain things you’ll definitely need ahead of time. With so much going on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at baby shows and not know where to start with the goodies and offers on offer. 

Try to write a list of things you need to get, things you’d like to get, and any extras that would be nice. This means that when you first walk into the baby show, you’ll know exactly where to head first and what you’re on the hunt for!

Keep an Eye on Social Media for Special Offers To Look For

When these baby events and shows take place, the organisers will tend to share the special offers beforehand on their website and social accounts. 

Where better to learn of which deals are best than from the event themselves? Keep an eye on them in the weeks leading up to the event and make a note or take a screenshot of any deals you want to keep in mind.

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Buy Things Now Rather Than Later

A lot of the special offers that brands have for baby shows are exclusive to the event; that’s a big part of the appeal! So, if you’re standing at a stall and see an offer that catches your eye, don’t be scared to bite the bullet and make the purchase.

Find the Freebies

Yep, the offers and deals are great…but there’s much more on offer at baby shows and events than the savings. One thing we know that our members love more than anything is a good freebie, and we couldn’t agree more!

From free talks and advice, to free samples and products, and even some sweet treats and snacks as you make your way around, there’s something for everyone in the way of freebies. 

With so many people at the events, it’s not uncommon for the most popular stalls to run out of the free gifts and samples that they’ve brought along with them, so make a bee line for any goodies you’ve spotted as soon as you get in the event!

Pre-book Any Goody Bags 

Most baby events and baby shows will have some amazing goody bags on offer for customers, and these can be some of the best savings available on the day. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there’s often a limited number of these on offer, so it’s best to reserve or buy one ahead of time when purchasing your tickets if this is an option. 

Get There Early 

The final bit of advice we’ve got for all of you out there trying to bag a bargain at the baby shows is to get there nice and early. 

A little word of warning from us, these shows can get very busy, and the offers, ‘try before you buy,' and other experiences can soon get crowded and difficult to get to. 

Get there ahead of time, be prepared with your list, know where you want to head first, and you’ll have an amazing time at your baby fayre or show. Most of all, enjoy the day and all of the exclusive things that you can see and experience there! 

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