A Mother’s Day Survival Guide for Single Mums

mum holds baby above her head

As with a lot of holidays, Mother’s Day can come with a lot of pressure for mums to feel that they’ve had the ‘perfect’ day with their ‘perfect’ family. In reality, everyone’s family situation is different, and there are many single mums out there in our community who deserve to feel recognised this Mother’s Day.

Here, we run through some simple steps that you can take to not only survive Mother’s Day as a single mum but make the most of the day and enjoy yourself!

You Can Still Celebrate The Day

One mistake that many single mums make is thinking that Mother’s Day isn’t for them because they don’t have a partner to spoil them and make them feel special. You’re an amazing mum, and whether your kids are at an age to recognise it or not, they appreciate everything that you do for them- and you deserve to be treated! 

If you’ve got single mum friends, this is the perfect opportunity to get together with them and organise something fun. Go on a fun day out with the kids, out for a nice lunch, or even on a nice pamper day if you do happen to end up child-free on Mother’s Day. Being a solo mum can be difficult, and it can be great to have other single mums to talk to, support each other, and offer help where you can.

Still, if you don’t have any single mum friends, organise a catch-up with a non-mum friend, or even go out for a lunch date with your mum! Whatever you end up doing, try to include someone else in how you spend the day. Spending quality time with your little ones is great, but Mother’s Day should be a chance to have a bit of help and celebrate yourself.

Treat Yourself To Something You’ve Been Wanting

With social media being as big as it is now, Mother’s Day gifts are one of the areas that it’s easy to draw comparisons as a single mum. At one tap of a button, you’ll be flooded with images of lavish gifts and presents posted by mums everywhere. 

So, if your little one is too small to make you a card, or there’s no one in your life to sort out a small gift from them, it can be difficult to feel like you don’t deserve anything to recognise everything you do. That’s why it’s the perfect chance to treat yourself! Buy yourself that new jumper you’ve been wanting, invest in that new moisturiser, or even just pick yourself up a little treat while you’re doing the weekly shop.

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Remind Yourself What Mother’s Day Is About

While gifts and treats are great, it’s easy to get caught up in this and see Mother’s day as being all about presents. Take the time to remind yourself what Mother’s Day is actually about, celebrate how amazing you are as a mum, and recognise how lucky you are to have your beautiful kids (no matter how much they might annoy you sometimes)!

Order Yourself A Takeaway When The Kids Are In Bed

If you don’t fancy venturing out and being surrounded by seemingly happy families all day... that’s totally fine! Don’t feel like you have to force yourself to feel happy and celebrate in a big way if you’d really rather just wait for Mother’s Day to be over to forget about it.

Fancy spending the day in your pjs on the couch or watching movies with the kids? Do it! If you do stay in, you could always end the day with a nice bath, pamper, and ordering in your favourite takeaway.

At the end of the day, Mother’s Day is just another Sunday, and you don’t need to overthink it. Do whatever feels right for you, celebrate how you want, and make sure not to be too hard on yourself as a single mum. If nothing else, take some time this Mother’s Day to recognise what an amazing job you do every single day!

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