Alternative Mothers Day Activities


The world is a pretty uncertain place right now. Covid-19 is dominating the headlines, leaving with it anxiety and panic. A sense of the unknown and with no end date insight this only adds to the uncertainty. Social distancing is in place, restaurants, pubs and theatres are closing their doors and our social existence has almost ended in one decision. We need to focus on something more positive and come out of this stronger, together and with smiles on our faces. There have to be some alternatives this Mother’s Day.

Actually there is and there is no reason why all the wonderful ideas we had planned for Mother’s Day cannot still go ahead although perhaps with some adaptation. For those wanting to send flowers and gifts many retailers are online who will happily deliver presents directly to the door. Many of these are now doing doorstep drops which remove the contact between people and is perfect for those in isolation.

Perhaps you had planned an afternoon tea with your loved ones. Why not make a box full of the wonderful delights of an afternoon tea. Things such as sandwiches, cakes and scones. Pack them into a box and drop them off on the doorstep for your loved one in isolation. Ring them first to let you know you are coming and to expect a special treat. Once you return home you can video call your loved one and enjoy an afternoon tea virtually together.

Whilst the afternoon tea isn’t enjoyed face to face, you are still spending time with your Mother or Grandmother on Mother’s Day. You can even make it extra special by making the items for the afternoon tea yourself. Children can even get involved with the baking of the scones perhaps or by decorating the box.

My children are of the age where they want to cook and bake, they love it and are often coming up with ideas for dinner. For those in self-isolation, a special breakfast or home-cooked dinner could be left outside the room with the option to again use FaceTime or equivalent to talk to your family on Mother's Day.

We, at the time of writing, are not in isolation but are trying to spend as much time now away from others to create some social distancing. For some time now my children have been wanting a spa day. This Mother’s Day they are creating their very own spa to treat me. They have planned to paint my nails, massage my legs and my back and brush my hair for me. It is such a simple but wonderful idea from them that for anyone else facing isolation as a family it might be one that you can do together. Plus it creates some fun memories!

Whatever you had planned that has now been cancelled due to COVID-19 see if it can be adapted or tweaked slightly to still enjoy what you would have done before. If it was going for a meal out with the family, why not see if that restaurant now delivers? Many are now offering home-cooked meals delivered direct and all contactless.

I am looking forward to my spa day at home with my three children and I do hope that whatever you do that you have a very happy Mother’s Day.

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