The Top Ways to Entertain Your Kids in Self-Isolation


So, the schools have shut which, for the kids, means a massive summer holiday, but for you, childcare issues and bored kids 24/7 without the break you normally get whilst they’re in school, so the question is...what do you do to keep them out of mischief?

Unfortunately, this is a question that too many parents will be asking what with the indefinite schools' closure beginning tomorrow, so here I’ve put together my top five options for keeping your kids entertained over the isolation period.

‘The Floor is Lava’

Ah, the classic childhood game, and an easy way to keep your little ones entertained for possibly multiple hours, as you make their daily living into an intense battle of wits and skill. As much as they will be no James Bond, it can provide great amusement for you and your little ones as you attempt to clamber over what may previously have been mere furniture, but this game not only comes with a bucket-load of fun but with the added benefit that it will likely tire your little terrors out to a point they will sleep well that night, meaning you might get a full nights sleep yourself for once!

If you have a really little one, why not get them involved, as much as they may struggle with climbing (or even walking!) why not create a little crawl race for them? Or take them with you as you traverse your house, make them feel as involved as possible and they will be sure to enjoy watching their family laugh and play with each other.

Junk Crafts

So, you’ve bought all the toilet roll you can, stocked your cupboards full of cereals and pasta and tins of beans and whatever else you can buy, but the question is, what do you do with the waste? It’s simple, let your children make stuff with it!

It can be anything! Your child wants to be a pilot? Make a plane out of some card and a toilet roll tube. You want a nice photo frame for some baby photos? Get your little one to make a frame with some pasta and some card. There are loads of options and it’s an easy way to stay environmentally friendly whilst you’re stuck indoors, plus, some great momentos for later in life.

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How do I keep them learning whilst also keeping them entertained? Storytelling is an easy way to achieve this. It doesn’t have to be you who tells the stories, why not get them to write some stories and tell you them, keeping them occupied, quiet, and helping with their reading and writing skills.

Of course, don’t let them have all the fun! Get involved yourself, giving their characters silly names or even writing your own stories. If you want to take it to the next level, why not create a story with your child? It doesn’t have to be planned, you could do a sentence each, which can be a great way to get their brain moving but can also provide some very funny moments for you and your child

Treasure Hunts

Just because the kids are stuck at home doesn’t mean they need to be stuck indoors. Why not set up a treasure hunt around the house and even make use of the garden (if you can) to get their little brains working in search for some treasure!

It doesn’t even need to be too complicated, simply get some snacks or some toys or any other reward you think they will like, and hide it somewhere. Then all you have to do is hide some clues around the house pointing them in the direction of either another clue or the prize itself, and it will keep them entertained for ages!

Board Games

Who doesn’t love a board game? They are possibly the quickest way to bring a family together and then make them hate each other once the Christmas charades match is out of the way! They can also be a great learning tool for younger children, so why not give it a try?

It could be a childhood classic like ludo or snakes and ladders, or why not have a look to see if any of their favourite books have been turned into board games instead? There’s so many out there now it’s impossible to see where the gaps are so why not simply look. The added benefit of board games as well is that it keeps them away from TV’s and screens, whilst also working their brains to a point where you get some peace and quiet afterwards!

Educational Games Sites 

Educating your little ones at home can be a difficult thing, so I'm going to cover that separately (check out the link below). This, however, doesn't mean the can't be learning in no way whatsoever. Educational games sites are a great way for your little ones to learn whilst also having fun, so here are our top 3 options to start you off with.



These sites are aimed at kids from as young as one upwards, meaning they have options for any little one who is short of a bit of entertainment, so why not give them a go?

The 'Rainbow Hunt' Game

Something that has rapidly emerged during this time of isolation. The 'Rainbow Hunt' is a great way to keep your little ones engaged whilst inside and out of the house. 

The concept is simple, kids (such as your own!) draw, paint, or generally create rainbows, which they then stick onto the windows of your house that look out into the street. Then, kids that are out on walks can play a fun scavenger hunt to find the rainbows from different peoples houses and count how many they see, a great way to keep their mind focused rather than thinking about how they might annoy you next, so it's a win-win!

What would your best ideas be to keep your little ones entertained? Share your ideas here.

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