Beach Day Bliss: Must-Have Tips for a Stress-Free Beach Trip with Little Ones

smiling baby on the  beach putting on sun cream

Sun hat - check! 
Sunshine - check! 
A screaming toddler who’s throwing another tantrum because you've told them they can't eat sand - check! 

I don’t know about you, but as a mother of three, I catch myself daydreaming about sunshine, sea and sand most days… and then I hear my kids screaming and think I just can’t! 

To the mums longing for a trip to the beach, I’ve got you. Below are some helpful tips that should turn your 'oh no, why did we do this' trips into, I can’t wait to do this again next year! 

Choose Your Set off Time in Advance

Plan to be up and out first thing in the morning - this way, you're able to enjoy a couple of hours playing in the sand and then able to pop off for some lunch. Or plan to head down to the beach mid-afternoon (post-nap time if your littles still have daytime naps!) 

Both options allow for you to enjoy some much-needed sea air, but more importantly, an early start or mid-afternoon arrival means you’re out of the at the times where the UV rays are strongest. 

Get Organised and Create a Beach Day Checklist to Tick as You Go

Here’s an example of our tick list
  • Water bottles (lots of them)
  • Suncream - more than one bottle per UV factor in case of any spillages/misplacement  
  • Baby wipes 
  • Snacks
  • Beach towels
  • Antibacterial wipes and/or sanitiser 
  • Sun hats, sunglasses and beach coverups 
  • Mini first aid kit containing the basics (plasters, wipes, bandages)
  • A small selection of toys (two - four toys) 
  • Ziploc bags to put wet costumes / dirty clothes in

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

I’m constantly reminding my children to make sure they are drinking enough on hot days, which is especially difficult when they are having so much fun playing! Packing water along with some of their favourite juice drinks (fruit shoots, juice cartons etc) is a great way to encourage and ensure they are keeping their fluids up.

Bringing along their favourite juice drink often always entices them to drink more than they usually would. 

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Bring Lots of Snacks

I like to pack a lot of snacks for our beach trips! I tend to pack a cool bag with ice packs in it. And I make sure to pack snacks like watermelon, grapes, strawberries, finger sandwiches etc. Fruit is always great as it contains water which helps to keep everyone hydrated! 

Sun Cream, Sun Cream and More Sun Cream!

Pack extra bottles of sun cream in case one gets damaged or misplaced while at the beach. And before leaving the house, cover your kids in sun cream! Applying suncream before you set off allows for it to really soak in before being exposed to the sunshine - suncream should be applied 30 minutes before going outside. 

Once at the beach, sun cream must be reapplied every two hours to all exposed skin. Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of time, so a good way to ensure you’re keeping on top of the suncream - set an alarm on your phone at two hourly intervals! 

Consider a Sun Umbrella and Beach Shelter/Tent

Although some beaches may have sun umbrellas available to use, chances are everybody else will want one too! It’s a good idea to invest in a good quality sun umbrella and tent for your trips. Shade on a summer's day is important! Having both allows you to create a shaded area for your little ones while they are eating, napping and playing.

Don’t Set Any Expectations 

This probably sounds weird because, as parents, we live for routine. If our kids skip a nap, you know it will be a struggle to make it until bedtime - right!? 

Here’s the thing, though, it’s better to head to the beach with no expectations. Your children are going to have so much fun, so much so their routines will go out the window! Your little ones may nap, but they may not. They may snack more throughout the day, meaning by the time dinner comes, they won’t want a full meal - both of which are to be expected and okay! 

The sunshine and the fresh air will obviously have an impact. By the time you come to leave, your kids will be knackered! Chances are you’ll have a tantrum or two when that time comes; head home. Home time can become stressful, but you will make it through - and it’s almost always worth it after a day spent having fun and making memories! 

Have fun and enjoy!! 

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