Enjoy a social life with a baby? Yes you can!

Enjoy a social life with a baby? Yes you can!

Many mums worry about whether they’ll lose their social life and connection to friends once their beautiful baby comes along. And although it is wonderful being a mummy and getting to know your precious newborn, it’s also vital to have your own connections. Not only are other parents a great source of advice, but they’ll also provide sanity and some humour when you need it most! Here are some ideas of how you can create a new social life that works with your new life.

1. Find those newborn baby groups

From baby massage to mummy and baby groups, there are various parenting groups around that provide a ready social circle. Ask your health visitor for a list of local groups and classes. Look at your local health centre, Children’s Centre, church and community halls and leisure centres.

2. Head to the park

Sometimes it can feel stressful to socialise in places that you used to go to before your baby arrived. Cafes and restaurants will become easy in time, but for now, why not get outdoors and enjoy a walk. Many parks have Buggy Fit classes which are an ideal way to meet new people and get fit at the same time. Plus you’ll be benefiting from vitamin D, low-impact exercise to help lose that baby weight and your little one will get to enjoy the sensory experience!

3. Get online

Online communities are also very valuable in those early days, especially when you can’t imagine getting off the sofa after a broken night! Look for Whatsapp groups, whether with other mum friends or through your local Mum and Baby group. Sometimes all you need is a friendly message or two with a fellow sleep-deprived parent at 3am!

4. Go to the pool

Once your little one has had their first set of vaccinations, you can look at taking them to the pool. Babies love the sensation of being in the water and most leisure centres have baby splash sessions which are perfect for their needs. You’ll get to chat to other mums and you’ll probably also find that your little one will have a good sleep afterward too! Pack a magazine and enjoy a few minutes of quiet and a cuppa in the poolside cafe afterward!