Two strange baby hacks you might not have heard of

Two strange baby hacks you might not have heard of

There are two strange baby hacks that you may not have been aware of, but which may be a real lifesaver on some of those more challenging days with your little one:

1. The baby-grow hack

Your baby has just had one of those incredibly explosive nappies that you never thought could have come from one so small. This is a real poonami; there is poop up their backs and down their legs. The only place they haven’t reached is their own head, but that is going to change once you try and get the baby-grow/body over their heads. How can you avoid this catastrophe?

Or perhaps your little one hates getting their face covered. That heart-wrenching scream from your baby every time you try to dress them can be difficult to take, but what can you do? They need to be dressed. This baby hack will help…

The shoulders of most baby-grows/bodies are made to stretch. Therefore, pull the shoulders down over your baby’s arms and over their legs, or pull the body/baby-grow up over the legs instead of over the head if you are trying to get them dressed. That poonami can be slightly more contained, and that heartbreaking cry at every clothes change can now be kept to a minimum.

2. The medicine hack

You have tried everything and can’t get your baby to take their medicine. This can be pretty worrying when you have been told to give paracetamol before their injections, or if you have been given an antibiotic for your child that you cannot let them miss. You try to give it with a spoon or the provided syringe, and either the mouth is clamped shut or your baby spits everything back out again. What do you do?

If your baby is used to a bottle or a sippy cup hold the teat/lid to their mouth and slowly pump the medicine through this. Often they will take it a lot more willingly as if they were taking a drink. They will also find it a lot more difficult to spit back up.

Hopefully, these simple baby hacks will make a big difference to the daily challenges of looking after a baby. Good luck!

Photo: Baby D by xlordashx licensed under Creative commons 2