Chelsea Howard

First time mum of 1, channeling the real mum moments and shining a spotlight on PND/PTSD

Hi my name is Chelsea, I am a first time mama to our IVF miracle, whom is now a sassy toddler! I live on the Isle of Wight with my family. I am just starting out my passion for blogging and I’m very keen to share this with the Your Baby Club community. 

Following a traumatic time I sadly experienced Postnatal Depression and PTSD however, this was not diagnosed until my daughter was 5 months old. I experienced 3 months in a Mother and Baby Unit, as in an inpatient, with my daughter. 

I am still on my recovery journey and I am extremely passionate about sharing my real life journey as a mum with a mental health illness, to support and empower other families that may go through this journey. 

I am also passionate about sharing the real and raw side of parenting (it’s hard work!) therefore, over on my Instagram @thehowardsfamilylife there is no ‘insta-perfect’ you will only find ‘insta-real’ 

I believe together we can support and empower parents. You are not alone 

Content written by Chelsea Howard


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