Christmas in Lockdown


For starters, I’m someone who LOVES Christmas! I get all excited the night before and can’t sleep, I can’t wait to give people their presents and see the joy on their faces. I love spending time will all my family and Of course who doesn’t love all the food over the Christmas period? This year is even more special for me, I now have my beautiful daughter, who will be coming up to 5 months old. Unfortunately, most of Christmas will be spent in lockdown.

With all the lockdowns and rules we have had this year due to coronavirus I have felt that my little one is missing out on so much as a lot of the time it is just us at home. I know she doesn’t understand any of it and won’t be feeling like she’s missing out but I plan to give her the best Christmas I can. Now that doesn’t mean I’m going to overdo it with presents, I’m still just getting what she needs and not going over the top.

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I plan to make Christmas Day magical for not just her but for me and my partner too, it’s been a tough year for everyone and really we all just need a break. I want my girl to enter the living room Christmas morning and be amazed at what she sees, she may only be coming up to 5 months but she is unbelievably clever and spots anything good with her beautiful eyes. There will be a glowing Christmas tree beautifully decorated with colourful wrapped presents flowing from underneath it. The Christmas lights will be lighting up the room and she will feel like she’s in a magical place. Then all throughout the day, she will be getting to play with all her new toys while having lots of mummy and daddy time.

We’re getting to go and see family one day over Christmas, she will get to see her grandparents, aunties and cousins and I know she will have lots of fun and get truly spoilt. This day will be filled with laughter, games, food, catch ups and lots of family time. We haven’t been able to see many people in our family since our baby was born due to the virus and wanting to keep everyone safe so it will be nice to have a day all together. Then the rest of the time over Christmas will be spent as our family of three just enjoying time together while my partner is off work for the holidays. We are looking forward to a nice relaxing time at home, watching so many Christmas films and having Christmas music playing almost non stop. This is a year we get to start making Christmas traditions for our little family and our beautiful princess. So yes Christmas may be a bit different this year but I can still not wait. Whatever you’re planning to do over Christmas just enjoy the time you have with your family, do things together and be grateful for what you have, I can’t wait to start the new year with my family. Merry Christmas everyone. 

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