Christmas Presents on a Budget


So we all know when it comes to Christmas we all love to spoil our loved ones, whether we like it or not we all spend far too much on gifting.

Now this year I have tried to buy from my local shops or small businesses, this year has been tough and it’s been especially tough on our high streets, my dad is one of these shops that fall under this category so personally, I know it’s been hard and an uncertain time for all.

Well, I have a few gift ideas that may help with keeping your budget on the low.

Now for the Grandparents, I always love personalised things, but when you start looking around the ideas may be beautiful but sometimes the price tag isn’t too great.

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This year I have bought wooden boxes for me to design and decorate for the grandads, then hopefully they will then turn into ‘treat boxes’ I will then be filling each box with homemade treats which the girlies and I will be making together, (which is another cute little activity to do as a family) I will also be adding candy canes and chocolates to bulk out their boxes. The Boxes cost £4 each which I thought was a bargain.

Now for the nanny’s I have used a family friend who prints photos onto cushions, I thought that for a cute little present this was perfect. I also raided my mother-in-law’s photos which I am planning on putting the picture into a locket, which again I used a little company to design and engrave, all in all the total for the locket was £20. So whereas we would normally spend between £50-£60 on the grandparents, I have managed to get the price down to £30 per couple. Which to me was a huge saving.

When it comes to buying for the children, I take the time to listen to what the parents have to say regarding what to buy. Most people will go with the obvious toys!! But really children end up with so many toys, and unless you have a whole second house to store all the toys, then maybe try going with something different.

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This year for our nephew we decided on getting a box of puzzles (which come with their own wooden box with his name on) and a name sign for his door, again I listen to what his favourite things were and found the perfect company that design door signs to what you want. The company I found was through ETSY and she’s an individual that creates the signs, which again is supporting the smaller shops, which was a big tick from me.

Normally my husband’s side of the family do a Secret Santa, where we all usually end up with presents we don’t want or need, so this year I decided that instead why not put the money towards a family trip or day out (when it’s safe and ok to do so). We have all missed out on spending time with our loves ones so this made perfect sense to me. As I want my children to have lots of memories and pictures with their family and what lovely way to do it. So again I save £50 over Christmas and can start saving small bits for when we can all meet.

For our girlies we have decided to buy a few presents for them both, which will include clothes and toys, Matilda’s at the age where she is into everything and will put everything into her mouth, so far we have a push along walker and a Noah’s Ark set, we plan on getting some bath toys for her and building blocks.

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As for Scarlett, we managed to find a great deal on some threading beads, a wooden clock and a floor puzzle that is also interactive.

In the New Year, we plan on buying both of the girls some soft play equipment and a ball pool, but the plan is to find out what everyone else buys them first to make sure that we have the room.

I have also had made a Christmas sack for both of the girls from a Facebook friend that has just started up, which was exactly what I was looking for and the bags are also personalised, which will hopefully last them for years.

Christmas should be about spending time with each other. I know that this year things are going to be A LOT different to our ‘usual’ Christmas, but we need to make the best out of a bad situation and together we can make Christmas special for our children.

We plan on face timing our relatives so that the family can still see the girlies faces on Christmas day, especially as it’s Matilda’s first Christmas.

To everyone that has read this, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas.

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