Commonly Forgotten Items When Buying for a Newborn

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When you are pregnant there is so much to purchase for the new arrival. Usually, you will remember to purchase all of the main items such as the cot, Moses basket and car seat. Of course, you are not going to forget clothes for your little one either. But there are a number of items which parents forget when they are purchasing things for their newborn. Today I am sharing the most commonly forgotten items. In an attempt to make sure that you remember these items. So you do not have to order them on Amazon Prime for next day delivery.

Scratch Mitts

There is a number of babygrows which come with them attached now however, you still get some that do not. Your baby can be born with sharp nails and it is easier to give them a manicure when they are actually asleep. So, in order to stop them clawing themselves or you pick up some scratch mitts. You can get them so cheap in the supermarkets or even Primark.

Baby Hairbrush

This is not something which I needed for a long time with Jess. She was born with no hair even though I had so much heartburn during the later stages of my pregnancy. However, if your child is born with a head full of hair the last thing you want to be doing is using your hairbrush on theirs. I would recommend purchasing a baby hairbrush and a comb just in case after all there going to come in handy. We purchased a Tommy Tippee one for not a lot of money from a supermarket.

Nail Clippers or Scissors

Of course, you want to be able to cut your babies nails so they do not scratch themselves. Of course, I said about the scratch mitts however, this is not going to complete the solution. You may forget that you need to cut their nails of course not all babies are born with long nails. You can get nail files for the babies because their nails are very soft and they can be a pain to cut. Again, the supermarkets are the place to head to if you are looking for nail clippers or scissors.

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Baby Carrier

This is something which people may not need with their first however, I have heard it's essential with two. This means that you can be hands-free while still having your baby close to you. This, of course, is going to allow you to get all those jobs done which you need to do. For sure this is going to be something which we purchase before we have our second child. I would recommend having a look around for the baby carrier or even using a local sling library to get one that works for you and your baby.

Dummy Clips

This is something which you may not need when they are a newborn, however, may find handy when they are a bit older. Been able to attach their dummy to their clothes means that you reduce the risk of them throwing it away. This is going to save you a lot of money because it means that you are not going to have to replaced dummies as often. You can pick these up pretty cheaply I have not purchased them yet because we are unsure if the baby is going to like dummies.


These are one of the things which you may say you are not going to use. However, at 3 am when your baby is screaming and you just want something to stop them so you can have some more sleep. Dummies are going to be your best friend. I would recommend having them in for sure this is going to be something which we do. You can pick them up from anywhere as well. I would recommend shopping around because the prices can vary so much.

Swaddle Blankets

If you are planning on using sleeping bags it is worth noting that they cannot use them till 4kg so there head does not slip into the bag. You might actually not realise this in the meantime you can actually swaddle them using swaddle blankets. This may be something you want to practice before the baby arrives because there is an art to being able to do it. It is claimed that swaddling makes the baby feel all cosy and like there back in the womb so the sleep better.


You may have all intentions of breastfeeding however, there may be several reasons why this does not work out fo you. Instead of having to run to the supermarket at some crazy time because you need formula in order to be able to feed your baby. I would recommend getting a couple of baby bottles and a tub of formula. This means that you are going to be able to feed your baby. This may be something which you opt against doing but I would recommend.

These are some of the most commonly forgotten items when purchasing for a newborn. What did you forget when you had a newborn?

Charlotte x

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