What Baby Needs Vs What Baby Wants


When you are expecting your first child, it can be difficult to know exactly what you may need. Shopping for your baby can be overwhelming as there is so much baby equipment out there. This is why it is a good idea to start planning in advance for what you may need. This way it is possible to order things well before the birth, such as a cot and a pram, it is also worth knowing that if you are wanting something in a specific colour or style, it may take some time to be delivered. Here, I have created a guide to help you with the essentials you will need.

Things you will most definitely need

  • Cot (plus mattress, sheets and bedding) - This is a must-have! Maybe not for the first few months of your baby’s life, but definitely when they have grown out of their Moses basket. However, it is safe to put new-borns in a cot just as long as they're put at the bottom with the blanket under their armpits.
  • Cot mobile – Helps your baby to sleep as it plays a soothing lullaby. When your baby is in the cot, it is also something for them to look at.
  • Car seat – You will need this straight away, as your baby needs to get home from the hospital. As baby gets older you are able to put them in a bigger car seat which stays in the car.
  • Pushchair/Travel system – Travel systems include Car seat, carrycot and stroller. Travel systems allow you to buy everything you need all in one go.
  • Sleepsuits – These are a must! They are comfy for your baby to wear and also keeps your baby warm.
  • Vests – These are handy for autumn/winter time when it is colder outside, as your baby will need to be wrapped up more.
  • Jackets – Again, handy in the colder months. Cardigans are great for the summer.
  • Hats/mittens/socks - Most sleepsuits come with mittens stitched to the fabric so you don’t need to buy these separately. Socks, you only really need these if your baby is wearing trousers instead of a sleepsuit.
  • Changing mat – You can buy a changing mat that stays at home and also disposable mats for when you are out and about, these are really handy as it means you don’t have to put your baby on a not so clean changing table.
  • Changing bag – Can make things more organised, especially if it has different pockets. Put all baby’s stuff in.
  • Nappies – MUST MUST MUST! Unless you want wee and poo everywhere then you will definitely need to stock up on these.
  • Baby wipes – Stock up! You will need these.
  • Bottles/Teats - These can be used if you are formula feeding or breastfeeding by expressing.
  • Bibs, bibs and more bibs – You are going to need a good handful of bibs. At least 4 or 5 a day.
  • Muslin squares – These are great if you are breastfeeding as you can hide your baby and breast underneath. Also good for using when winding your baby.
  • Steriliser (steam or electric) - Needed to keep your baby’s bottles germ-free!
  • Baby bath – I mean, this isn't a ‘must-have’ baby product, but is handy when your baby is tiny. When your baby gets bigger, he\she will be able to go in the normal bath.
  • Nappy creams – Your baby may get a sore bottom, so It might be worth getting some nappy rash cream ready.
  • Baby monitor – Allows you to move around the house whilst your baby sleeps. You don’t have to keep popping into the room to check they’re okay.
  • Stair gates – You will most definitely need these when your baby is crawling and walking. Otherwise, a few accidents are going to happen. You will need one at the top of your stairs, bottom of your stairs and anywhere else you might think is dangerous for your baby to explore.
  • Activity play mat – This will be good for your baby’s coordination, as they will be able to reach up to the toys dangling. It is also cushioned for them, so they are able to roll over comfortably.

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Things that would be nice to have

  • Milk Machine – This makes up your bottles of milk with the touch of a button. It also makes the milk to the correct temperature for your baby. Can be great if your baby is impatient but is a quite expensive product.
  • Bottle warmer – You put your bottle in this little bowl and it warms the bottle to the correct temperature for your baby, however, it takes the same amount of time to warm the bottle using hot water.
  • Electric pump (if you’re breastfeeding) - This is more for if you're at work all the time and need to pump milk. As it is quicker and uses less of your energy. If you're at home though, a hand pump is just as good.
  • Breast milk storage containers or bags – This just help keep the place clean and tidy. However, you don’t necessarily need special containers as you can just use your baby's bottles to store milk in.
  • Nappy bin – All you have to do is put the dirty nappy in the top of the bin, press the lid down and turn the handle, this wraps your nappies up for you. Is expensive to buy and you also have to buy the bags to go with it.
  • Rocking chair – This can be helpful for when you’re feeding your baby, as you can rock them to sleep whilst they're feeding. It is also a comfortable place for you to sit.
  • Changing table – You need room for one of these as they are big. They store nappies, baby wipes, creams...literally everything you may need for when you are changing your baby's nappy.
  • Matching duvet and bumper – It's nice to have matching as it is decorative and doesn’t look mismatch, however, your baby isn't really going to notice. So, it is purely down to you how you would like your baby's cot to look.
  • Sleeping bag – This is good for keeping your baby warm in the winter months. Your baby will more than likely kick their normal blanket off. This covers their toes, legs and body, and their arms stick out of the side.
  • Bath toys – Gives your baby something to play with in the bath. It means they won't particularly get bored.
  • Baby toys – Rattles, soft building blocks, musical toys and soft teddys. These can be nice for your baby to play with when they are having tummy time. You will definitely need toys when your baby is older.
  • Toybox/bin - Keeps your house nice and tidy when your baby isn't playing with the toys.
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