The First Trimester When You Have Another Child


When I was pregnant first time around, it was lovely to have an excuse to do pretty much nothing. I relaxed, read loads of books. I put my feet up! Second time around it isn’t so easy. You have a little person to look after, as well as dealing with all those pregnancy symptoms. Wonderful!

In particular, the first trimester can be tough going. You may feel sick, be sick, have trouble eating and generally have zero energy. The luxury of being able to sleep when you want is long gone. And exhaustion can soon start to creep up on you. Today we’re giving you a few tips on how to get through those first 12 weeks when you have kids already. Share your tips in the comments and on social with us too!

Take things as easy as you can. Easier said than done I know. The last thing you feel like doing is making Lego or getting the Play-Doh out. But when there is some quiet time, remember to rest yourself. Those dishes can wait.

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Remember it isn’t forever. Hopefully, after the first trimester, you’ll start to get a bit of energy back. Although the days may seem never-ending and relentless, this time will pass.

Enlist family or friends to help you out. If you can, get your family to help you out with the kids. Can they take them out for the day to give you time to yourself? And make sure your partner is pulling their weight too. Get them to do the play dates and parties. Pregnancy was a free ticket to get out of kids parties for nine months. Result!

Eat little and often. If you’re feeling a little woozy or have a date with the bathroom, try eating little and often. I know everyone says that but if I let myself get hungry, this would make my nausea worse. If you have little people around, snack when they snack. And on whatever you like!

Make meal times easy. One thing I found really hard was preparing food that made me feel yucky. If you can, get someone to help you out while you steer clear of the kitchen. If that isn’t an option, go with whatever your body tells you. And if the kids want nuggets and chips, remember a couple of days of beige isn’t a huge deal.

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Don’t be hard on yourself. Linked to the point above on food, go easy on yourself. You don’t have to cook Michelin starred meals for the kids. If they’re anything like my son, he loves to graze on food. We typically make “snack plates” – basically a lunchbox on a plate. So think of things like; crackers, wraps, bread, cheese, ham, tuna, quiche, and then a load of sliced veggies. You could add small bowls of hummus or pasta salads too. My son loves the mini gherkins and pickled onions. I was happy with those in the first trimester too!

Don’t feel guilty about deploying the TV or tablet. If it helps you get through those first few months, do what you need to make life easier for yourself.

Do what you need to do to get through. If it means having a DVD, duvet day – do it. If it means booking an extra session at nursery or using a holiday club – do it. It isn’t forever and you need your energy.

Are you struggling through the first trimester while also trying to juggle family life with other children? How are you coping? Share your tips and stories with us here, as well as on social media.

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