Don't Waste Money On These Baby Items

Not all baby products are created equal, and some are going to end up collecting dust. Don't waste money on these baby items - here are ten to steer clear of, as well as a couple you should do your research on - if you do decide to buy. 

Nappy Bins

Okay, so here goes. 

Yep, you've probably heard this one before, but it's true. I remember my good friend Carly telling us not to bother buying one, but we did from Mothercare (in-store, oh, the good old days!). In poll position of the baby items not to waste money on — drum roll for item number one — we've got the nappy bin.

We used ours for two weeks and ended up with a long stinky string of nappies like sausages because we'd installed the refills incorrectly and had difficulty disposing of them. My advice? Take a little break and enjoy the short walk outside to your wheelie bin and pop them in there! 

Cot Bumpers

Padded cot linings that wrap around your baby's cot rails are also top of the list of baby items to not waste your hard-earned cash on. In fact, cot bumpers can pose a serious risk to your baby.

The Lullaby Trust says, "We do not recommend the use of any sort of cot bumpers and urge all parents to follow our
safer sleep advice to use a flat, firm mattress in a cot or Moses basket with no loose bedding, pillows or bumpers.

"Cot bumpers pose a threat to babies once they begin to roll and move about the cot. We know that some infants have become entangled in the ties and material or fallen whilst pulling themselves up on the bumpers."

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Changing Tables

Don't waste your money on a changing table. If you decide to create a makeshift changer with a changing mat on top of your chest of drawers, just ensure it's safe, and never leave your baby unattended! I love Shnuggle's Squishy Mat; it's great for using in every room in the home. 

Pushchair Bassinets

So many pushchairs are designed with seat units for newborns up with lie-flat options and alternative cosy add-ons, nests, and more. This helps you bypass the additional expense of a cot bed, which you'll only use for a short amount of time. 

Newborn Baby Shoes

They look cute, but they're pretty useless in those early days. My daughter's feet were so chubby we could never find any boots or shoes to fit. 

In those early months, babies aren't walking, so shoes are more about aesthetics than necessity. Besides, let's face it – those miniature shoes won't stay on those wiggly little toes for long!

Expensive Baby Clothes

Blink, and you'll miss them! Spending big bucks on designer gear or loading up on baby clothes will probably leave you with a whole host of barely worn outfits as your little one outgrows them in the blink of an eye. 

There are so many amazing preloved and second-hand websites that are worth checking out. 

Baby Blender

If you're on a budget, avoid falling down the rabbit hole of baby blenders. 

Opt for a food processor that will do the baby food pureeing as well, giving you a kitchen appliance you can use for years to come. 

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Baby Bath Robes

My kids are four and six, and they STILL refuse to wear their dressing gowns, so there's very little point in buying one for a baby. They might look fluffy and adorable, but your little one probably won't be interested. 

Baby Blankets

You might need one for your pushchair, but one will do. A sleeping bag is the safest way forward for baby sleep at home. 

App-based Baby Monitors

I don't know whether I've just not evolved enough as a human being, but we tested a couple of app-based monitors with our kids and found them really tricky. We much preferred the more traditional baby monitor with a separate video camera to keep tabs on the kids at all times. 

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