Family Easter Activities


With Easter just around the corner (where is the year going?) I thought I’d bring you a list of activities you can do with your little ones. And don’t worry if the thought of Easter hasn’t crossed your mind yet, I’m usually the exact same. This year however I’ve promised myself I won’t be that mum dashing through the shops the night before Easter Sunday. This year I’ve got you (and myself) covered! Here are nine family Easter activities.

Easter activities.

An Easter egg hunt.

Okay, so let’s start with the glaringly obvious - And Easter egg hunt. You absolutely cannot go wrong with an egg hunt. Your little ones will be completely over the moon with what you’ve set up for them. And *spoiler alert* it doesn’t have to be mega expensive or particularly hard work. It’s a winner for all parties! We usually buy a pack of small eggs, the really small ones that you can pick up for £1 and then a larger (but not massive) egg to finish off the hunt. For older children you could make it like more of a treasure hunt, with clues and cleverly hidden eggs. For us, however, our eldest daughter is only three so we’ll just be dotting eggs around throughout the house and letting her run wild.

Decorate an egg.

Does anybody else remember decorating hard boiled eggs in school? Maybe it was just me, but it legit used to be my highlight of the school year. Remembering this excitement, I thought it only fitting to bring a past activity back to the present and decorate eggs with my daughter. There were 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes and not to toot my own horn but I won pretty regularly. Also, please, please, please remember to hard boil them. I remember a boy called James Brown in my class came to school with an uncooked egg one year. It smashed when he was decorating and I can still picture and hear the shock across the classroom twenty years later.

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Hot cross buns.

Even though they’re traditionally eaten at Easter time I’m firmly in the ‘hot cross buns are an all year round camp. That being said, a great family Easter activity would be to make your own. Although the process isn’t the quickest, making the Easter buns will no doubt bring you together as a family and bring great satisfaction. You might even get some tasty buns out of it!

Make an Easter bonnet.

Making an Easter bonnet is something we haven't done before, although I know it’s quite a traditional craft to make this time of year. Full Easter bonnet craft kids can be bought really easily, but why not make things a bit more fun and use a hat you’ve already got and add to it. As a family, you could paint a selection of polystyrene eggs and then glue onto the hat, add ribbons and go the full shebang. I bet your little ones would love it! And I’m sure it’d give the adults a bit of a laugh too.

Plant flowers.

Right now is the perfect time to get out in the garden planting flowers or veggies. Something I’ll be doing this year is planting sunflowers with my daughter. They can be planted from March through to May and will be standing perfectly tall and yellow in time for summer. If your children are anything like mine they’ll love the process of seeing something grow each day. We’ve currently got some vegetable seeds potted up and it’s always my daughter's first port of call to see if they’ve done any more growing overnight. Plus, even as an adult, nurturing something and seeing it grow is really satisfactory.

Easter crafts.

A sure-fire way of keeping your kids occupied (and quiet) is with crafts. And just like any other time of year let's jump on the holiday bandwagon and make them Easter related. You can make easter chicks using craft feathers or rabbit ears using pipe cleaners. You don’t have to be a ‘Pinterest mum’ to make this a great family Easter activity. Although a little inspiration from the search platform wouldn’t go a miss.

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Make salt dough ornaments.

Salt dough is really easy to make and once painted and baked can look really impressive. I’d recommend buying an egg or bunny-shaped cookie cutter to create some wonderful salt dough ornaments. The beauty of salt dough too is once it’s baked you can keep it forever. You could even make it a yearly tradition with your kids and build up quite the Easter collection.

Nest cakes.

An easy, but really effective bake (or no-bake) you can do with your kids is Easter nests. Shredded wheat would work best, but rice crispies or corn flakes would be just as effective. Dipped in milk chocolate, mould your chosen cereal into little nests and leave to set in the fridge. Afterwards, you can decorate with mini eggs, little Easter chicks or anything you know your little ones will love.

Visit a farm.

Name a better Easter activity than going to the farm to visit some real-life chicks. It might be worth researching where near to yourself has an area to pet small animals. We visited a farm last year where my daughter was able to hold a chick and brush the rabbits. She absolutely loved both activities and it was amazing seeing her face light up.

I hope this list has given you some inspiration for activities to do with your families this Easter time. I'll be ticking a few off the list for sure.

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