Finding Confidence in Your Postpartum Body

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A pregnant person's body is really nothing short of amazing. Our bodies go through so much during pregnancy - I’m talking rock hard boobs, backache and pelvic girdle pain - All the good stuff! Our bodies become machines and our sole purpose is to nurture our little people. After birth and once our little people are here, we’re left feeling deflated (physically and metaphorically) and left with bodies that feel somewhat alien to us. The new feeling of the unknown affects our confidence and the way we perceive ourselves. Postpartum can be a really difficult time for us mums. Here are a few ways we can find confidence in our new postpartum bodies.

5 Ways to find confidence in your postpartum body.

1 - Surround yourself with body positive people.

Both digitally and in real life I think it’s important to surround yourself with body positive people. Self-love radiates & being around those who love the skin they’re in will no doubt make you feel more confident in yourself.

The beauty of the digital world we’re in is that we can curate what we see. We can follow the people we want to follow and just as easily block or unfollow those we don’t. Personally, my Instagram feed is full of mums who keep it real - Both with their parenting styles and their postpartum journeys. Sure their self-love journeys aren’t always linear, but that’s what real life is like… And for me personally, that's what I need to see.

I challenge you to go through your following list & let go of those who don’t make you feel good about yourself. It’s not rude, it’s not offensive. You’re doing what’s best for you!

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2 - Take more photos of yourself.

I get it, documenting your postpartum body might not be at the top of your to-do list. It possibly even makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, but I really feel that taking more photos of yourself can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem.

I think it’s important to note that the pictures you do take don’t have to be published anywhere - Not everything has to be for the gram. Just having the pictures for yourself can fill you with so much confidence and make you feel empowered. I’ve got numerous photos before and after having my babies that nobody has seen before. I’ll probably never post these images anywhere, they’re just nice to have for my own development & confidence journey.

I challenge you to take more photos of yourself. Have fun, do what makes you feel good and be unapologetically you!

3 - Acknowledge your positives.

Acknowledging my positives is something I was always terrible at. When I became a mum however I thought it was imperative for me to recognise what I’m good at and what I’ve achieved.

Of course one of the biggest things I’ve achieved in my life is carrying and birthing my babies. I couldn’t have done it without my amazing body. Honouring my body for what it’s gone through and achieved is so important. Although I’m a little wobblier now, my body is nothing short of amazing - And I can see that now.

I challenge you to write down three things you love about yourself or have achieved in your life. How has your body allowed you to do this?

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4 - Slow down.

Slow down, in all aspects of the word. Slow down your expectations and slow down your lifestyle. I know that might sound a little crazy considering the days are LONG with a newborn, but you don't need to do 101 different jobs a day. You need a ta-dah list rather than a to-do list! Instead of worrying about all the things you haven't achieved that day, celebrate all the things you have done! This pep talk will no doubt make you feel more confident, not only as a mother but in yourself too.

Slowing your mind is so important. Letting go of the negativity will only make you see yourself in a positive light and in turn make you feel more confident in your postpartum body.

Take five minutes. Calm down, reassess and start a new chapter of the day with a positive mindset.

5 - Dress how you want to dress, not as society tells us.

As mothers were so often told to cover up and hide our bodies which have made and birthed our children. It's funny how our bodies are celebrated the bigger we become during pregnancy, only to be encouraged to hide away once our babies are here.

It's wrong! My final point is to say a massive FU to society and the pressures we face as mothers. We can do this by dressing exactly how we want to dress. It took me a long time after my first baby to feel comfortable & redefine my personal style. I think it's only natural. But now I choose to and love wearing crop tops and skinny jeans. I no longer cover-up - I wear exactly what's I want, when I want…. And it's empowering AF.

Motherhood has no defined style, so make your own up! Spend a moment browsing Pinterest for outfit inspiration & dress for you, nobody else!

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