Food Cravings During Pregnancy


Weird or wonderful, food cravings are TOTALLY normal, during pregnancy, and won’t be there once you’ve given birth. It’s not obvious why we crave certain foods during pregnancy but changing hormones may be the cause along with the extra work your body is doing to quickly produce more blood.

You may notice a strange metallic taste in your mouth which can be quite strong. Other women notice that their tastes change and foods they once loved can taste disgusting.

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We asked our Facebook fans what cravings they’d had or were having and the most popular answers were chocolate, fruit and ice pops. Some had had no cravings at all but here are some of the slightly stranger ones;

Kit Kats dipped in garlic mayo
Ice, ice and more ice
Oxo cubes
Bacon sandwiches “only from the Salvation Army café”
Anything cremated on the BBQ
Scampi with gravy
Skittles with no shell
Very spicy chicken wings
Jelly beans and cheese crackers
Rum baba cakes

Some cravings came in the form of smells;

Burnt matches
Old books
The inner of a school plimsoll
New rubber bicycle tyres
Creosote on a fence

When should you see a doctor about your pregnancy cravings?

Some cravings can be dangerous and a sign that you need to see a Doctor. If you have a strong desire to eat metal, soil, chalk, soap, or other non-food items you may have Pica. Pica can be treated with supplements to correct any iron or vitamin deficiency.

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