Getting Rid of the Dummy


So, you are taking the plunge to get rid of their most prized possession but to you, it is a gross bitten piece of plastic that has saved you from many moments of hysteria.

Ok, so I did not use a dummy for my first! It is funny you have this list of things you just ‘won’t’ do! Blah blah and this was one of them... and the fact the little bugger wouldn’t take it haha

However, our second child, a daughter also known as our little dictator had one, the minute she came into the world!

If you are not a dummy person, that is ok, and I totally get it, but this post probably is not for you!

I personally did not like them but after many nights of unsettling and my boobs becoming nothing more than a comfort plug!

We decided to try her on it! And what do you know.... it became her thing!

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It is something that annoyed me, I mean every picture is her with this dummy hanging from her like a chain... and I feared for her speech and teeth, but she made up with in her sass! I digress...

So, nearing her 3rd birthday and being in lockdown what better time to say goodbye...

I was petrified, what would we do and for her, after watching her over a few nights on her monitor at night, we noticed, she did not even use it unless she was disturbed.

So due to her being at a more understanding age, we started with talking to her, explaining how she was such a big girl. We explained that soon the princess fairy will come to take it as she does not need any more.

Personally, this really worked, as it got her attention, I guess like the tooth fairy, she liked the idea that a fairy will come and leave her a gift.

We carried this on, over a week or so and then ramped it up, as we neared THE NIGHT

So, THE night we told her that the princess fairy would come and take her dummies, and this was because she is so big, as bribery we explained she would get a present as a reward!

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I made her a card and we had purchased a fairy doll.

While she was asleep and before we went to bed, we unclipped her beloved possession and swapped for the fairy doll.

That morning, she was extremely happy and immensely proud esp down to the fact that she was loving being told how big she was, and she was amazed that the princess fairy had come!

It must of been the right time as it didn’t even faze her and umpteen months on, she mentions the princess fairy and how she is a big girl but does not miss the dummy that once upon a time was her fav.

Moral of the story is you know your baby and whether they need it in the first place and do not give a damm about other people’s opinions as there will be many!!

If you do go down that route, just know it will not be forever and it is as simple as a princess fairy to stop it when you do

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