Ghosted on Baby Tinder

Ghosted on Baby Tinder

So a few of you might have seen the sponsored posts on social media about mum's groups or mum's focused social media online. I joined Mush when I had my second baby Minnie as I had anxiety and PPD with my first baby, Teddy, and felt I wanted to get out and about more and make some new friends when I had my second. 

Funnily enough, my next-door neighbour had a baby girl three days after I had mine. When I downloaded the app she was there on nearby mums. I avoided it, I couldn't do it! I had recently had my hair done by our opposite neighbour and hated it and had to go elsewhere so I have a life now of constantly wearing hats in the garden and avoiding her like the plague. I didn't want to risk another neighbour aversion situation so it just felt a bit close to home. 

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I saw some other mums that were in the town I lived in who had put their requirements for meetups and chats, playdates etc. Great! Like-minded mums, I'll probably have a chat for a few days and then meet up at a play gym. Standard baby first date place, think Nandos but for baby meetups. 

I messaged about five mums over about five months. Towards the latter half, I was becoming that cheesy guy that sends you a jokey desperate opening line. I think I put something like 'oh hi, I was beginning to think there weren't any babies in this town, what brings you to baby tinder (sticky out tongue emoji)". Kill me now. I threw my phone across the room out of sheer embarrassment. 

A few mums messaged back a hi but some ignored me completely! What was wrong with people. I don't understand. If you put that you want to do meetups and playdates then not respond I just don't know what you're looking for? Are people judging babies on looks like regular tinder? On the age of the mums? Do I change my profile picture? Do I go Pinterest and have a perfectly set out photoshoot with my baby hating life sat inside a pumpkin of some sort to draw these women in? Do I need to do the weekly photoshoots showing my baby at every single week of her life? 

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It's not really helped my anxiety to be honest. I met my husband on a dating site and felt it much easier to meet a man, marry him and have two kids than it has been to find a baby date. 

If anyone reading this is in the West Yorkshire area who actually wants a baby playdate, please come forward. Married female seeks other females for mutual baby agreement, must have GSOH, no strings attached.

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