Halloween Activities for Family Fun


Our favourite time of year is here, leaves underfoot and pumpkins at almost every door! I just love the sense of cosiness and community spirit! I absolutely love the Halloween season, for some reason, it always feels extra family orientated and we always seem to find time to go on family adventures and creating special memories!

pumpkin picking in the fields

Here are some of our favourite things to get up to over the Halloween period.

One of our favourite things to do is get a basket and go leaf picking and then come home to create some Halloween themed art! We paint leaves, add googly eyes to turn them into monsters and so much more, children's imaginations can run wild with activities like this. We then turn our creations into Halloween cards for Nanny, Grandad and the rest of the family!

Another favourite day out for our family at Halloween is visiting the pumpkin fields, luckily we found one at the top of our road last year so went for a quick photoshoot and the pictures are some of my favourites ever. Archie ran through the frills spotting all the different coloured pumpkins and we even had a game of 'hide and seek'. The kids love to pick their own pumpkin to bring home ready for family pumpkin carving night!

mini halloween photoshoot

Another great thing to do at Halloween is to visit the Maize fields is you have any close by. Our local one does a Pumpkin hunt which is great. They create sculptures from pumpkins and they're all hidden around the Maize Maze, it's a great way to get the children outdoors and into the fresh air too and what better excuse to have a tasty hot chocolate?!

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A great activity, especially for younger children, would have to be sensory play, we love to get a great big bucket or cauldron if you have got one to hand. You can fill it with slime, flour, paint, jelly, water (the list is endless!) and pop in some sensory toys eg- a spiked bell, acorns, mini pumpkin, fake spiders and even a few small little prizes to keep it rewarding for your little ones.

Why not throw a Halloween party? It doesn't have to be filled with lots of people, just your nearest and dearest, get crafting and make some decorations and get your children involved with making games such as pin the hat on the witch, dunking for apples. The list of easy to create games for Halloween parties is endless! These types of family get together always make for the best memories and happy times.

Archie dressed as a ghostbuster

It wouldn't be Halloween without dressing up, this is where I get a bit excited if I'm honest! I love looking through Pinterest for ideas on costumes for both children. Archie really gets into this and usually after 10 minutes of browsing he has decided he wants to be at least 10 different things! Last year Archie was a ghostbuster and little Indie was Candy floss.

Indie dressed as Candy Floss

This year Archie has asked to dress up like Mr Bean! We are going to make his costume at home and create a fun Cardboard box and green paint at the ready for an afternoon working on it together.

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