He Has a Mind of His Own...at Almost 2!


You want your kids to have minds of their own, but our youngest one is literally the most strong-minded little so and so I’ve ever come across. He is absolutely intent on doing what he wants and he won’t accept anything less.

At just shy of 2 years old, I have no doubt he will very much do what he wants regardless of what he is told. Like I say, it’s great, but at 2 he’s throwing a few curve balls that are stressing me out.


His highchair is a thing of the past. He now sits /stands/kneels at the table with all of us. I guess we had it lucky with his older brother as he didn’t know any different really so we kept him confined for longer. The youngest however gets serious FMO and now insists on being in the mix.

It's nice, but there have been a series of falling injuries and I’ll be honest, the mess is absolutely horrific. The thing is, you have to weigh up how worth it the argument is. He doesn’t talk, he just goes nuts if you even hint at him not being able to be a big boy. It’s a laugh.

Car seat

The dexterity of the little blighter is pretty impressive. His little hands have a way of superhuman feats. His favourite at the moment is just randomly unclipping his car seat straps mid-journey. The best thing is that he does it completely spontaneously. It might be 5 minutes in a drive...it might be an hour in. You just don’t know, that’s what makes it fun/absolutely not fun. The places I’ve pulled over in the last month have been unspeakable.

His brother finds it hilarious - that doesn’t help at all and the older one is always snitching on his brother. All ammunition I suppose.

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I’ve never seen a kid eat so much protein. Anything meat-based gets obliterated immediately. Sweet things get equal treatment, but getting a carb in the boy is an impossibility. No bread, no pasta, no rice. He just flat out refuses anything like that at all. He’ll eat around it and then just leave it. It’s an incredible skill to have too - he just knows what is carbohydrate and what isn’t.

What’s his

I watched potentially the best Battle Royale in a sandpit the other day. 15 kids and about 8 toys. Complete carnage. Looking back, I feel bad for the 5-year-old who tried to snatch a spade from our smallest. The retaliation was swift and ruthless and the dazed 5 year old just looked around as he was manhandled by a nearly 2-year-old. If on the off chance he is overpowered or outsmarted, he has no issue with waging war and being completely relentless until what he sees as rightfully his is returned.

I love that he stands up for himself, but social convention we need to work on!

Kids really do test you don’t they, you always do what you think is right, but you never really know!

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