Help: The Teacher's Got COVID


Just when I’m rejoicing in the fact my beautiful little devils have gone back to school! The dreaded text message came.

A teacher in my son's reception class has tested positive. Brilliant.

So what now? It’s a Sunday night and the school is closed for any stressed parents wanting to ring-up and bombard the poor staff with questions.

As my son is classed as a ‘close contact’ he has to self isolate for two weeks. Although my daughter who is in the year above him is still to attend school as normal. Fine.

Just one problem, we are a single parent household! How I am I supposed to get the big one to school when ‘Mr close contact’ isn’t allowed to leave the house. This is too much stress for a Sunday night.

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Incomes another text message, I’m starting to feel like I’m in a fucked up version of Love Island.


It reads; Extra teachers will be on hand at the school's main entrance to escort siblings of the affected class into school safely.

This means they are allowed in right? Every cloud has a silver lining and all that nonsense.

7 am Monday the alarm goes off!

We get up and get ready, the usual.

The kids are sitting with coats and shoes on ready to leave the house, behaving for once.

So I take the opportunity to ring the school just to “double-check”.

It’s confirmed the big one is allowed in! Hallelujah.

But then came the dreaded sentence - “let me just put you on hold to double-check”

Oh no! I’m sat on pins, begging! Please don’t do this to me.

The receptionist comes back - “sorry since there is no way that you would be able to drop off your child without bringing the isolated child they would both have to stay home”

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Take your coats off kids Your off for two weeks! And then another two because of half term!

I have a feeling these 4 weeks are going to feel longer than the previous 6 months they had off.

Long story short it’s 10:51 am - still Monday!

I’ve had 3 coffees and I’m very close to my first mental breakdown of the day! I’m in a good mind to email Boris myself and demand he comes and babysits!

I will see you all on the other side!

*over-exaggerated cry*

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