Here's What Mums REALLY Want For Mother’s Day

Mum kissing the toes of her baby - baby laying on their back on the bed looking up at mum

Becoming a new mum is a beautiful, albeit stressful, experience, and mother's day is the perfect excuse for mums to be celebrated for their hard work. But what do you get for the Mum who deserves it all, and what present will show her just how special she is?

This year, we took to Instagram and Facebook to ask real mums what they really wanted for their Mother's Day gifts. Mother's day gifts don't need to be extravagant or over the top, and our mums proved that... so be sure to read on for some great inspiration for gifts for the big day!

A Long, Uninterrupted Nap

All Mums can relate to this, without a doubt. Motherhood can be very tiring, and it's not often you can find a spare couple of hours for a nap, especially one without a child appearing with a million questions that need to be asked right then and there.

Giving the Mum in your life the Mother's Day gift of a long uninterrupted nap while you keep the kids out of her hair is guaranteed to be a thoughtful gift that she will love.

A Solo Bath With No Toys To Sit On

Giving the gift of a relaxing, peaceful bath (without the countless baby toys that are needed to keep the kids entertained) is a present that mums will love. Mother's Day gifts don't have to be stressful, and this Mother's Day gift is super easy to organise; simply run a bath, remove the toys and make sure to add candles and put some music on.

Trust us, she'll love this gift and it will allow her to switch off and spend some quality time alone.

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As Mother's Day gifts go, chocolate is a go-to gift that's always appreciated and loved. The world's your oyster with this one too; you can make it a low-key present by heading to the shop and buying her favourite supermarket chocolate, or explore more unique options by getting personalised chocolates!

Spread the love by getting heart-shaped chocolate, and maybe pair it with a heartfelt card or present from our Mother's Day gifts guide!

A Night of Pre-kids Social Life

This one had some mixed opinions; some people were very excited by the idea of having a night off to go to events reminiscent of their pre-kids social life, while others were steadfast in loving their current social situation.

Giving someone the Mother's Day gift of allowing them a night out with friends, to have a night off from looking after the kids all of the time, is definitely something good to arrange with them! Some people will want to spend the day relaxing at home, or doing something as a family, so it's best to ask what their wishes are first.

A Full Night's Sleep

Mother's Day gifts certainly don't have to cost the world! As several of the top things mums wanted as mother's day gifts included sleep, it's safe to assume that it's definitely something that they want! There are not many presents that would compare to a full night of uninterrupted sleep, and we can bet this is something many mums haven't experienced since giving birth!

Set up your bedroom, and make it as cosy as you can; think lots of pillows, blankets and calming music for a special mother's day gift!

If you want extra brownie points, make sure you take care of the morning chores that usually falls to her to take care of, such as making food for the kids and getting school clothes ready (if any of the children are at school). These extra, thoughtful presents mean she can fully relax, and she'll be starting the week well-rested! And trust us, she'll love you for it.

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To Watch What They Want On TV

Imagine being able to sit down and watch a sitcom, or your favourite series, without a toddler demanding their own show. Although some kid's shows are much more watchable than others, the characters (or the storylines, for that matter) don't quite compare to something geared towards adults.

After spending all day every day watching kids' TV, the idea of watching what you want sounds like heaven. So, allowing Mum to sit back and binge-watch a few seasons of their favourite show instead of any fancy mother's day gifts will likely be appreciated!

Why not take your children out for a walk or a trip to the park to make sure no one sneaks up and changes the channel halfway through an episode?

For Someone Else to Tidy the House

What a dream come true! Every mum can relate to this one; having kids is a never-ending cleaning job. No matter how much you tidy up, there's always something that isn't done, and it can be mentally taxing. Having someone else tidy the house is something that not many other mother's day gifts can even come close to comparing to - we can promise that!

This mother's day, go above and beyond to make sure the house is sparkling and squeaky clean so she doesn't have to lift a single finger. Pair this with one of the other gift suggestions, such as a bath or a nap, and she's guaranteed to have a great mother's day. If you want to treat her even more, make sure you get her a thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

Motherhood can be very overwhelming at times, and for some, Mother's Day can increase these feelings. Be sure to check out our article on how to navigate the mental load this Mother's Day, and if you're struggling, make sure you reach out to a medical professional.

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