Home-Schooling Struggles


Let me just start by saying I have a newfound respect for teachers. They are very obviously lying when they tell me my children are a pleasure to teach at each parents evening.

I had it all worked out in lockdown number 1; laptop, printer and motivation. Admittedly the motivation only lasted approximately 30 minutes but its more than what I have now.

I remember the days as a child when we would get a substitute teacher and the class would thrive off causing as much havoc as possible; bonus points if the poor soul ended up crying.

I have now become that substitute teacher and let me tell you these kids have racked up plenty of bonus points so far. Sincere apologies for any substitute teachers out there.

The day starts whenever we can be arsed, to be honest, it probably doesn't make much of a difference by the time we've signed into the 200 different apps and websites which takes up half of the day. We try to print out what we need because teaching a 5-year-old to use a laptop is near impossible. The printer has had enough and has started to suck the paperback in after printing. I take it as a sign and sit down for coffee number 5.

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Jo wicks used to give the kids a morning exercise routine but that soon stopped when they ended up scrapping "your in my space" or "your too close to me"


I try to imagine myself as a child and wonder how I would have acted with a stressed-out 'teacher' wearing a dressing gown. They've got no hope.

We were trying, we were trying our hardest in-fact. But I was slowly watching these happy fun-loving kids become stressed and miserable. Education is massively important but so is our mental health, both theirs and mine.

So we've scaled it back, we do what we can, when we can. And the kiddos are happy again - I want them to be clever and I want them to do well in school! But I also want them to know its ok - we are in the middle of yet another lockdown! We are all stressed, tensions are running high and the last thing they need is that atmosphere at home.

Keyword being Home - not school.

To all the parents out there that are managing to juggle the mammoth task of home-schooling, I salute you. I really do.

For all the others that (can't be arsed anymore)   BUT are trying. Welcome to the club.

Roll on March.

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