The Reality of Having Two Under Two

by Amy Davies

When I had my first child, I didn’t think I was going to have another so soon, I would look at other people walking by with their children and think how they cope with 2! Just having a new baby every day, I didn’t have the time to do simple tasks such as have a longer shower, it’s a quick in and out job. Going out was such an effort, rushing around remembering to pack what you need and before you know it you have packed the entire house! 


When I found out I was expecting my second child, which would make my children 12 months apart, I was so worried, how would I manage? How am I going to get enough sleep with two to see in the night? Would I have enough time for anything? I was going round and round with so many questions. Throughout the pregnancy family and friends kept saying to me ‘you’re going to have a handful!’ ‘you’re going to be very busy.’ Then my second was born, the longer I got used to having 2 ‘babies’ in the house the more I coped. Yes, those friends and family were right I was busy! However, I found a way to cope, and got myself into a routine which I personally think is key to having two young ones. 


Whenever the baby slept I used that time to focus on housework and spend time with my eldest or vice versa. The older they both get the easier it becomes, you can feed them the same things, they play together, you pack less of everything. I start to look at the positives more, they will get closer when they are older and always have someone to be there for them. 

You have the good days and of course the bad. You have the times where you're out shopping, you're casually looking at the shelves and suddenly you have one child doing acrobatics to get out the pram to walk and the other child crying to be fed, both children screaming and passers on by giving you ‘the looks of shame’, don’t let that get to you! 


Shrug it off and let them look. It does make you question yourself, then you have the times when you get comments like ‘your kids are so lovely' and ‘I remember when my two were that young, you're doing a great job’ it gives you a boost as a parent from a complete stranger. They won’t be little for long, they're already growing up so quick, so I make the most of it! It’s an emotional rollercoaster for any parent, it’s trial and error with what works and what doesn’t.

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Written by

Amy Davies

I am a young mum with a loving partner , I have two children who are 12 months apart , life is very busy! I like to think of myself as organised and absolutely love to try new things when it comes to my children. I like to be creative , open minded and love to save a penny or two ( who doesn’t.) My children are everything to me and being a parent is a massive learning curve for a lot of things however that is what makes what I am now.

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