Corrie Star Sam Aston Reveals the Gender of His Unborn Baby!

by Laura Driver

Coronation Street star Sam Aston is known on the show for caring for his seven-month-old quadruplets as Chesney Brown, but in real life actor Sam says he’s relieved to be expecting just the one baby with wife Briony “I’m glad it’s not quads. One’s perfect and just enough for now!”.

The childhood sweethearts married last year, and it was obvious that Sam and Briony couldn’t wait to have children, with yoga instructor Briony shrieking with delight when Sam mentioned wanting to start at family with his new bride during his wedding speech.

The couple have revealed they’d like a big brood to fill their home “We want to fill our house with kids,” said Bryony. The pair announced they were expecting just a week ago and have now revealed they were only trying for four or five weeks.


Sam, who has been on Coronation Street since he was nine, says that while he’s enjoying spending quality time with his pregnant wife during lockdown, he’s keen to get back to filming “The show’s been a massive part of my life for more than half my life – I’m looking forward to getting back in that kebab shop!”

Talking about the gender of their baby Sam said: "We’re having a boy! It was a massive surprise when we found out, as there are loads of girls in our families, so we were adamant we were having a girl." Briony added: "We found out the day before lockdown. Sam couldn’t come with me because of the current rules, so I got the consultant to write the sex on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope and we both then sat in the car and opened it together. We were over the moon." Sam, who has eight siblings, said one child is "perfect for now" and joked: "I’m glad it’s not quads."

Congratulations to Sam and Briony!

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