Your Pregnancy at Week 7

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Isn’t it amazing that your rapidly growing baby is now 10,000 times bigger than it was at conception and is now the size of a Smartie! Look how cute it is!

And speaking of Smarties your little smartie pants is concentrating on brain development with 100 brain cells being produced every minute! Production of all the blood cells is the work of the liver at the moment. This will continue until the bone marrow is in place and ready to take over the task.

Arms and legs are continuing to lengthen and strengthen and tiny hands and feet will soon be visible. It is not only your baby that is growing, their accommodation has had an extension too and is now double the size it was - but you won't be showing just yet! Despite all this energy you must be using growing all these things, you may not be feeling too hungry as that famous pregnancy downside, morning sickness might be showing up far too often.

Morning sickness can also last well past the stick of midday with some women suffering day and night. Make sure you are eating little and often and maybe ask your partner to bring you a slice of toast in the morning before you get up so you don't end up bringing up bile.

You may also start to feel like you live in the bathroom as the steadily increasing fluid volume results in frequent urine trips! Unfortunately, this little symptom of pregnancy is here to stay as your growing baby will soon start to use your bladder in the same way it will use its trampoline when it is a toddler!


If you haven't already done so, now may be a good time to let your maternity unit know you are pregnant. Asking your doctors surgery how to self refer is probably the easiest way to get the right contact numbers.

Continue to take your folic acid tablets as doing so reduces your baby’s risk of spina bifida. You should take them throughout your pregnancy.

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