Mum Discovers MIRACLE SPRAY to Guarantee Baby Sleeps 8Hrs

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A mother has claimed to have found the ultimate solution to the problem all mothers have; getting their child to sleep. Chloe Bashford, mum-of-four, found the solution after her youngest son Joshua had been awake for large periods of the night screaming, due to his teething.

The solution, according to Chloe, is the ‘Bloom and Blossom Very Hungry Caterpillar Baby Pillow Spray’. Having used it, Chloe has described the spray as her “Magic Potion” as she claims her son now sleeps for eight hours every day without fail. The spray, which costs less than £10 also has an adults version, which, after seeing the impact the child edition had on her son, Chloe has now bought for her and her husband and has found the same success.

Speaking on the impact the spray has had, Chloe said “My new routine is working wonders”, “He nods off almost instantly, sleeping through from 9 pm for eight hours every single night I’ve used it.” “Before using the spray, I had no time for myself both during the day and in the evening” “Now Joshua is falling asleep at 9 pm, I have time to do facemasks and paint my nails”, “I can spend time with my other children in the evening too and it finally means that when Josh has nights off we can get some time to ourselves.


Having heard of the success had by Chloe with their product, Christina Moss and Julia Yule, co-founders of Blossom and Bloom, said “With five children between us, we know the trials and tribulations of settling into a bedtime routine all too well, and we’re delighted that Chloe has found a solution with our pillow spray” “We often hear from parents struggling with their little one’s sleep and if we can help even a few mums and dads to create more positive bedtime routines, then we’ve done our job”.

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