Mum of Four on Pill Gives Birth to Surprise Baby

by Laura Driver

Mum-of-four, Grace Meachim, got the shock of her life when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl while on the loo after having no idea she was pregnant!

Grace had no clue she was around 37 weeks pregnant and about to give birth as she had no visible bump, was taking her pill 'religiously' and still had periods. She woke up in the early hours to go to the toilet. As she sat down, she felt the unmistakable sensation of her waters breaking and let out a terrified scream. Her husband and their eldest son Tyler, 13, came running because they thought she was 'being attacked'. Grace shouted for them to call an ambulance because there was 'something coming'.

Moments after reaching a 999 operator, James had to run to the loo and catch his baby daughter as Grace gave birth. When paramedics arrived, they blue-lighted Grace and 7lbs 5.5oz newborn Sienna to hospital where they were both given a perfect bill of health and sent home.

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Grace said: "Within seconds of getting to the toilet, my waters went. It frightened me so much I screamed. It was so surreal. I hadn't had any build-up to it at all, no pain, nothing. When I'd gone to the loo, I didn't feel like I was going into labour at all. After three previous pregnancies, I know what that feels like. There was a big gush then there was pressure and a mass down there. I knew then what was happening, and I went into shock. My husband and our eldest came running down. James called the ambulance and I was shouting 'there's something coming'. He told the operator 'I think it's a baby but she's not pregnant'. As soon as he said that he had to throw the phone to Tyler because I screamed 'quick, catch it'. Within seconds James had his hands down the toilet catching the baby, it all happened so quickly."

Understandably, Grace's family and friends were shocked by the surprise addition to the family. Grace said: "Tyler called my mum to tell her I'd had another baby. She thought we were joking and turned up at 4am in her pyjamas to see me on the floor, cradling this baby.

When James called my mother-in-law she just said 'congratulations' and hung up then called back seconds later to say 'sorry, I just registered what you said'. Everyone was so shocked."

In the months leading up to Sienna's birth, Grace had been having regular periods and taking her contraceptive pill. The mum had developed a 'slight lump' in her tummy. She took three at-home pregnancy tests just in case - and they all gave negative results. Grace decided to visit her GP in September when she would have been around five months pregnant, and the doctor conducted another pregnancy test which also came back negative. After having a feel of her stomach, the GP diagnosed Grace with a recurring cyst.

Grace was due to have an ultrasound of the 'cyst' in January 2020 but Sienna was born a month earlier. Though Sienna was a lovely surprise, Grace explained she has no plans for a fifth child. Grace said: "She was such a nice surprise; she is that little bit extra special to us. And we definitely know she's here now, she is really coming out of her shell. We wouldn't change it but it's definitely no more kids now. I've told James he needs to chase up his snip as soon as lockdown is over."

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Written by

Laura Driver

Blogger & Social Media Manager
Laura lives in Yorkshire, UK with her two teenage children. When they were little (and definitely not taller than her) she used to blog avidly about the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Laura is no stranger to all the joys small children can bring; sleepless nights, a random public meltdown or a spectacular poonami. She fondly remembers the time her youngest child rolled across a supermarket carpark in a trolley while she was putting her eldest child in the car and the time her, then, three year old took up swearing at a church event. Laura has worked for Your Baby Club, as a Social Media Manager, since 2014.

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