The Third Trimester

by Your Baby Club

You’ve entered the final 3 months of pregnancy before your little one enters the big wide world. Your baby has a LOT of growing to do in these last few months, gaining about 2kg and growing around 12cm in this time. You’ll be grateful for a maternity belt (if recommended by your midwife or physio) and moisturiser to give you some extra support and stop the itchiness that stretch marks can cause as your bump grows by the day.

Unfortunately, pregnancy symptoms can rear their ugly head again this trimester with aches and pains being the most prevalent. Constipation, heartburn, swelling, and increased vaginal discharge being others you can expect. You’ll want to get some maternity clothes for these last weeks as your bump certainly won’t fit in those floaty dresses you’ve been getting away with wearing these past few months with a smaller bump.


Baby will hopefully start getting into its head-down position during these few months too, and as space gets tighter and tighter, they'll move further back into the pelvis, this time in preparation for their exit. You’ll finally get your breath back now they’re starting to move away from your lungs and give you a little more space to inhale.

You’ll want to start thinking about baby names, your birth plan. It's time to get the nursery in order and pack your hospital bags as you prepare for baby’s arrival very soon!

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