Why Pregnancy at Christmas is Great... or S**t...

by Emma Dowey

This time last year I was coming up to 34 weeks pregnant. I was hot, bothered and felt more stuffed than the bloody turkey. And stupidly I thought it would be best to host Christmas at ours. Purely so I didn’t have to travel or sleep somewhere but my own bed. If you’ve been pregnant then you may be familiar with how difficult sleep becomes the bigger you get. So yes, I very much wanted to be in my own home. On the whole, it was a wise move. I think the only drama last Christmas was taking our old boy, Oscar, the cat, not my dad, to the vets at 1am. He’d been bitten on the bum by an unfriendly mog. And since I was the only one sober…yeah. Fun times.

Anyways, let’s crack on with all the reasons why I LOVED being pregnant at Christmas! Yep, there are a few!

The Perfect Excuse

You have the ultimate excuse to get out of whatever you want. When it comes to being pregnant, you can say no without having to give any further details. Just no! I’m tired/achy/hormonal/can’t be arsed. And if you do feel like getting out and about, you have a great excuse for leaving early too!

Comfy Clothes

Trying to find clothes that fit can be a real struggle during pregnancy. My whole body changed so much over the course of a year. So finding comfy clothes is a must. A great excuse to just slouch in your joggers this Christmas!


Eat All the Pies

You have the perfect excuse for eating what you want when you want. I went mad for mince pies last Christmas. Usually, I don’t even like them! However, food can be tricky if you’re in early pregnancy. With B I was just 12 weeks so I was still feeling a bit icky.

No Hangovers

It has to be up there at number one for great reasons to be pregnant and Christmas! Yes everyone around you is drinking but hey, you’ll feel refreshed and amazing in the morning, while they’re all nursing hangovers. Oh, hang on, no. Your hips will ache all night and acid reflux will mean you spent half the small hours guzzling Gaviscon.

Put your Feet Up

Well to some extent but if you have other kids this might not be possible. Try and rest as much as you can though. And get someone else cooking. On Christmas Day, my dad (he used to be a chef!) and my hubby did all the cooking. They were amazed!


January Sales Shopping

You have the perfect excuse to go shopping in the sales for baby bits! It’s still the same if it’s online right?!

And the not so great reasons for being preggers over Christmas?

It’s so Tiring!

Christmas is crazy enough without being pregnant. My husband is great but to be honest it’s me that gets left with keeping on top of what’s going on at school, planning, decorating, buying, wrapping, cooking, prepping. The list just goes on and on!

Christmas Shopping

I really hate shopping at the best of times. So Christmas shopping isn’t something I find at all fun. I tend to do it online and a little in advance.

Zero Alcohol

I love Christmas because it’s the one day of the year I can enjoy a glass or two of champagne before lunchtime. So being pregnant sucks if you’d usually enjoy a tipple or two!


No Stinky Cheese

OK so this time last year this was an issue but right now we’re pretty much living a plant-based diet. But yeah, if you like your smelly cheeses then you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

Feeling Green

I was twelve weeks with B back in 2012 and I was just nearing the end of feeling sick all day, every day. Fun.

Lying to People

If you’re in the first trimester you might not want to announce your pregnancy on Facebook. Having to lie to friends and family was really tough with B. Another virus/infection?!


Baby Gifts

Don’t expect to get any presents you actually want for yourself this Christmas! Nope. Expect them all to be for the baby. The hubby on the other hand…!

Designated Driver

People will want and expect lifts. ALL THE BLOODY TIME! Now is the time to use your “I can’t be arsed, I’m pregnant” card!


Travelling while pregnant can be a complete pain in the ass. Or hip, or pelvis, or back. Plan your stops, take extra cushions and try and minimise travel if you can. Be kind to yourself and say no.



Not that being around your loved ones is a negative but it might mean having to socialise when you just don’t want to. I found I’d sneak off upstairs for a few naps over Christmas and let the hubby and family crack on!

Have you been pregnant over Christmas time? Was it more stress and worry than tidings of joy? I’m looking forward to this Christmas as I’m NOT pregnant! Woohoo! I imagine having an 11-month-old toddling about will be super relaxing though… Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Written by

Emma Dowey

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