Why Sunday Mornings Are a Mums Worst Nightmare

by Robert Dunne

So, a week has gone by, you’ve had absolutely no sleep, and now the weekend has come, but does the hell stop...no, of course it doesn’t!

Mums and dads across the world have found that their little terrors don’t seem to appreciate socially acceptable wake-up times even on weekends, with some finding the even more evil aspects to their child’s lack of sleep, for example:

“Dude I am absolutely dreading the time change this week”

Because who doesn’t love the idea of their little one’s 4 am wake up abruptly becoming a 3 am tantrum, right?!


And what could make this even worse for you the sleep-deprived masses? The instant desire to play or eat or watch, or pretty much any activity that will put the idea of further sleep well and truly to bed! (Ba-dum-tiss)

“What really blows my mind is how even if he goes to bed later than normal, or wakes up 4 times... it never causes him to sleep in later! Nope, still up at 6am ready to play”

“4:30 for me “Are you sleepy? Mama’s sleepy” “NO! Milk.Milk"

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to new or expecting parents, as you may well be yet to experience this, but don’t worry, your time will come!

And to those of you who are well versed in the art of the dawnlight entertainment dance, I salute you! Remember whatever happens your child is better off for it. And always remember that when they’re older you’ll have some lovely ammunition to embarrass them with when they bring back their friends, because who doesn’t love being reminded of the time they threw porridge over themselves and played in it? Or when they sat begging for their mum to give them a hug as a baby despite their newfound restraining order they have on you now they’ve reached their terrible teenage years?

“Are you telling me not all toddlers wake up at 4AM every.single.day ???”

By now, I’m hoping that you may have realised what you’re going through is completely normal! Kids are assholes at the best of times, unfortunately for parents, they’re also assholes at the worst times as well (because who doesn’t love a battle with a toddler at 4 am right?) but it’s something that you will cherish later on looking back on it, so don’t worry, it’ll all soon be over...that is, until they discover TV’s!

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Written by

Robert Dunne

Junior Content Writer
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