Your Pregnancy at Week 10

by Your Baby Club

Time to perfect your Pregnancy Fitness & Health regime

Are you suddenly finding that you are having really vivid dreams? This is not unusual but can be a little startling when you are suddenly talking to the animals and dreaming that you can fly! Don’t worry! You are not going mad. There is so much going on at the moment both physically and emotionally that your brain is working overtime at the moment. It will settle down! You may want to have a notebook and pen handy so that you can record your night-time thoughts to show your little one in the years ahead!

You may also be feeling a little bloated which is a sign of your slowing digestive system. Ensure you are continuing to eat a healthy diet rich in fruit and fibre to keep things moving. Also, as always, very important that you keep hydrated. Here are some foods and drinks to avoid during pregnancy.


Despite what you may read online it is perfectly safe to exercise in pregnancy. If you are used to regular exercise just continue - you may wish to adapt things if you are playing extreme contact sports but exertion is fine. If you are not a regular mover but want to start now is a great time to take up some exercise such as pregnancy yoga, pilates, walking or swimming. Just don’t overdo it!

Your baby’s eyes are now able to react to the light and are still slightly open as the eyelids develop. It’s also amazing to know that all of their little milk teeth are now in place and their jaw bone is also taking shape.

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