Your Pregnancy at Week 15

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You will be amazed at just how much your baby has grown in just a few short weeks. It’s now 10cm in length and about the size of a navel orange. Baby’s ears and eyes are in the right place and finally has the coordination to wiggle their fingers and toes as well as suck their thumb. They can now suck, swallow and make breathing movements ready to enter the world in five short months.

You should now be able to feel your growing bump sneaking up and out of the pelvis and this may be when you are having to change your sleeping position as sleeping on your front may not be particularly comfortable. The recommended sleeping position is on your left-hand side as this allows for optimal blood flow for both you and baby. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is recommended that you avoid sleeping on your back.


Baby appearing over the public bone happens at different points for different women so don’t worry if you cannot feel your bump yet - it will come!

If you can see your tummy growing now may be a good time to start taking some bump pictures for the album!

Baby is practising swallowing and continues to move around in its comfortable mansion - little does he or she know that before long this mansion will feel like a tiny one-bedroom flat!

How are you?

You may actually be feeling like you are full of energy and may notice an increase in your sex drive - on the other hand, you may not! As always, everyone is different.


In the UK dental care is free, as are prescriptions, throughout pregnancy and for the first year following your baby’s arrival, so now is a good time to register with a dentist if you aren’t already and book yourself a checkup. Your teeth can take a little bit of a hammering in pregnancy so it's really important to look after your pearly whites - brush and floss regularly! It’s also worth noting that bleeding gums and nose bleeds can also occur during pregnancy which is attributed to the increase in blood volume.

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