Your Pregnancy at Week 17

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To support your baby as they develop strong bones it is recommended that pregnant women take a 10mg supplement of vitamin D as this helps the baby with their bone growing in the first few months after birth. You can also boost your vitamin D intake by eating foods such as mackerel, eggs, salmon - all rich in Vitamin D. Good levels of Vitamin D reduce the development of a contention known as Rickets.

Watch out baby, you may be continuing dancing around your roomy pad but things are going to get a bit tighter! At now over 12cm in length and over 140grams in weight, you are growing at a rapid rate and planning permission will surely be declined for an extension! It’s gonna get cramped in there! A baby is growing a layer of baby fat, even though its skin is still translucent. Its heart is now being regulated by the brain and remains around twice your heart rate at 140-150 bpm.

All set for when your baby grows big enough to put their sticky paws all over the place their unique finger and toe prints and in the making this week!


Weight gain can feel quite rapid at present and you may be gaining as much as 1-2lb per week. Remember to take your bump pictures for the album and you will be able to see your growth progress. You may also still be feeling fatigued, constipated and a bit sluggish, but nausea should be subsiding by now, fingers crossed!

Now is also a good time to have a think about which antenatal classes you may like to attend. Head over to and sign up to a FREE antenatal class - they are the best around!

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