Your Pregnancy at Week 18

by Your Baby Club

It can be really easy to get yourself into a tizz if you haven't felt any movements yet but don’t worry, some people do feel them around now, others don’t start to feel anything for another few weeks.

Your baby is continuing to put weight on and is now around 190g (about the same as the amount of butter that goes into a cake - why not make one in celebration!)

As your baby dances and kicks around, their muscles are gaining strength and cartilage is progressing into solid bone. You may feel your baby hiccup as it develops that skill, and its finger and toe prints now make your baby one of a kind.

The nervous system is becoming more and more extensive with each passing day as all the message pathways and their protective Myelin covering are put into place.


You may have started to notice that your hands and feet are a little puffy - especially towards the end of the day. This is quite normal but shouldn’t be excessive. If you are worried, contact your midwife. Now maybe around the time that you start to experience some discomfort in your pelvic area as muscles and ligaments start to relax. In addition, as your bump grows, you may be altering your posture slightly. Consider signing up for a prenatal pilates or yoga class which can really help strengthen your muscles and keep your joints functioning with ease.

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