Your Pregnancy at Week 29

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Since around week 20 a white cheese-like substance known as vernix has started to cover your baby’s skin. This protective layer is thought to protect the skin from prolonged emersion in fluid. In addition it is suggested that the substance has antimicrobial properties that protect the baby against infection. As the next few weeks come and go the amount of vernix on the baby will decrease but, unless your baby is very late in arriving there will still be some visible after birth. Don’t rush to wipe it off as it is though to be very beneficial to baby.

That said, if you baby has had a poo inside this vernix may have a yellowy-green appearance – in this case you will probably want to wipe it off!

One thing you may begin to notice around this time (or maybe not notice as much due to your growing bump!) is the emergence of varicose veins. These are nothing to worry about, they are merely happening since during pregnancy your blood volume increases and pregnancy hormones cause your veins to relax. Varicose veins can be painful for some pregnant women, however many feel no discomfort at all from them.

To help minimize or even prevent them, try to keep your circulation going, this can be done by avoiding sitting or standing for long periods, this can be done by regularly adding some exercise to your routine, by adding this to your routine early you may find it brings further benefits later in the pregnancy.


Counting Kicks

For some of you, counting kicks may be something you have already incorporated into your day, for those who haven’t it is recommended that you count kicks daily from week 28 either once or twice a day. To count kicks, follow these simple steps:

  • Lie down either on a sofa or bed and relax
  • Count every movement you feel (whatever that movement may be) until you reach 10 movements.
  • If you haven’t reached 10 in around an hour, have a snack of some kind, and then try again, as the sugar will help perk up your baby a bit.
  • If you do not get 10 movements over two hours, make sure to call your doctor, it is more than likely everything is fine, but better to check in case

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