How to Feel Good in Your Third Trimester

front and side view of pregnancy bump

The third and final trimester can often be described as the most difficult part of pregnancy. And I’d agree! For me, it was definitely the hardest couple of months during both my pregnancies. It was really tough!... But there were really good times too! Times where I felt amazing! So let’s not forget about those moments. Today I’m discussing 5 different ways to feel good during your third trimester.

How to feel good in your third trimester.

1. Indulge in beauty treatments you can actually indulge in.

There aren’t too many beauty treatments you can indulge in whilst pregnant, especially more so towards the end. So why not really go all out with the treatments you can indulge in.

Having a manicure or pedicure (or both) could be a real mood booster. I found painting my nails and shaving my legs (or what I could reach) to be really beneficial in making me feel good and making me feel like the old me rather than the pregnant me. Face masks are highly underrated too! There are plenty of face masks you can still use during pregnancy. Just be sure to check ingredients or consult with your midwife if you’re unsure. Reflexology was advised to me as a way to feel good in your third trimester. Its relaxing attributes can ease stress, help with any aches and make you feel energised, something that can be so beneficial in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

2. Commemorate your amazing body with a maternity photoshoot.

Although I didn’t document my second pregnancy as much as the first, I still did a maternity shoot. I’m not the most body-confident gal, but I think a maternity shoot is a sure-fire way to feel good in your third trimester.

Whether you go for a professional maternity photoshoot or do something a bit more DIY at home like I did, having photos to look back at of the incredible thing your body’s doing is amazing! For ourselves, we’re unsure as to whether we’ll be doing this again so I really wanted to celebrate my third trimester. I wanted to celebrate the fantastic thing my body was doing. And not to toot my own horn, but I looked blooming incredible!

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3. Invest in a good night's sleep.

Possibly easier said than done! Sleep is something I struggled with in both pregnancies. Pregnancy insomnia is real! Investing in a great sleeping routine can be so beneficial during your third trimester.

Making your bed as homely and cosy as possible may sound like a simple task, but it really works. Although I sometimes struggled drifting off, getting into a cosy, clean, fluffed-up bed certainly made me feel calm.

If you’re looking for specific products, lavender and chamomile are approved essential oils that can be used during pregnancy. Pillow sprays with these oils could be a great, indulgent way for gaining a good night's sleep.

A good night's sleep is so underrated, but it’s the best way to feel good in your third trimester!

4. Get your hair done.

Although dying hair during pregnancy can be a bit taboo, why not make yourself feel good in your third trimester by getting a new do?

Getting your hair done doesn’t have to be a drastic change, it could be something as simple as going for a blow dry or having a deep condition. If you’re anything like me there’s no way you’ll be able to create the same look or feeling you’d get from a hairdresser. So go and get your hair done girl! You actually deserve it!

5. Keep a note of all the positives the third trimester brings.

Feeling good in your third trimester isn’t all about appearances. It’s an internal feeling of joy and positivity.

Make a third-trimester positivity jar with handwritten notes about all the positive things you’re experiencing. Whenever you’re feeling a bit down, or when the last few weeks feel like years, take a note out and really remember what you and your body are doing! Keeping a mantra of positivity is a simple, yet really effective way to feel good in your third trimester. It’s stripping everything back and remembering that what you’re doing is amazing and you should feel blooming good about it!

So there’s my five tips on how to feel good in your third trimester. I really hope they’ve been helpful to you, they certainly were for me. If we are lucky enough to ever experience this again I’ll be certainly coming back to this post, especially the last pointer, to really commemorate the amazing thing our pregnant bodies are doing.

Did/do you feel good in your third trimester?

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