Your Pregnancy at Week 30

by Your Baby Club

Probably feeling sleep deprived and ready to lamp anyone that recommends you get some sleep now before baby arrives. What can be just as frustrating are the vivid dreams that may have made an unwelcome return. Don’t worry dreaming you give birth to a rabbit in the middle Waitrose is not a prediction of future events!

You may start to notice that you are itching quite a bit – especially on your tummy. This is due to the skin stretching as your baby grows. Itching can be a sign of a more serious problem called Obstetric Cholestasis so if you find that the itching is unbearable especially on your hands and feet at night you must let your midwife know.

The big bit of growth currently going on inside you is to do with your baby’s brain. It will no longer be smooth, instead beginning to take the more distinctive (if equally gross!) form with grooves and curves to allow for more brain tissue to form.

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This lovely new brain your little one is forming will at this point also be taking control of the temperature regulation they will be so thankful for in the outside world, which means they will also be loosing the hair which previously did this, known as lanugo, you may find some remainders of this hair on your baby’s back and shoulders when they are born which is nothing to be concerned about.

Around this stage of the pregnancy, you may also notice some of the less appreciated early symptoms of pregnancy re-emerging, with one of the most notable culprits being heartburn, so be sure to keep some heartburn tablets handy in case they day comes where this returns for you, and when it does, find ways of cutting down on foods that are likely to cause it, for example fried or fatty foods.

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