Your Pregnancy at Week 34

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Starting to get ready for take-off, if you have an organised baby he or she may be starting to get into the correct position and be moving lower down into the pelvis. This is called engagement and results in you having more space in your abdomen and your lungs being less squished - you can finally breathe! You may even be able to put the Gaviscon away as your heartburn settles a little.

Don’t go getting all excited just yet– this act of gravity may well result in you needing to go to the toilet even more than before if that is at all possible!

Have you and your partner had a date night recently? If this is your first baby, these next few weeks will be the last of you being a family of two – make the most of it now.

Some of the growth your little one will have experienced this week will be things such as having nearly complete fingernails, and if you’re having a boy, his scrotum is now formed and his testicles are slowly making their way down to their final destination. Your baby is now around 45cm long and nearly 2.2kg.

One thing you may be experiencing at this stage is some changes to your vision, this is as a result of those annoying pregnancy hormones you keep experiencing and it can cause a variety of different changes to your eyesight. Some of these changes could include: Blurry vision, More near/farsighted than usual, Less able to tear up/cry.


These changes are only temporary, however, it may be more comfortable to wear glasses rather than contact lenses during this time. One thing to keep in mind is that some more serious vision changes can be a sign of preeclampsia, so be sure to mention any changes to your doctor to make sure you are properly checked and ok. 

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