Your Pregnancy at Week 36

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You are likely to have a midwife appointment this week. Your appointments should become more frequent now as it is important that your blood pressure and urine are checked on a regular basis to ensure you are not developing pre-eclampsia.

You may be asked if you have started to consider your birth plan. This is an opportunity to write down things that are important to you during labour such as your preferred pain relief options and your plans for how you are going to feed your baby.


Assuming everything is fine at this appointment, you are likely to be given another date to see the midwife again in a couple of weeks time. You are so nearly there!

So nearly there in fact, that your baby’s growth is slowing down, your baby will now be weighing around 2.7kg, and the slowing of growth means they will be able to fit through the birth canal, as well as having the energy needed for the big day. Its digestive system is ready to take in its first milk, which will help jump-start it - watch out for that first poo!

One thing you may be experiencing at this point is an increased amount of pelvic pains. To tackle this, try relaxing with your hips elevated, another thing you can try includes pelvic exercises, warm baths, and prenatal massages, all of which can be great ways to relieve this pain.

One benefit of this stage of the pregnancy is that since your baby is dropping slowly into your pelvic cavity, the pressure being put onto your diaphragm is relieved, meaning you are able to take bigger, deeper breaths than you would have managed in recent weeks.

Remember, throughout the later stages of the pregnancy to be noting changes surrounding the movement of your baby, don't be alarmed if instead of kicks or jabs, your baby’s movements become more like squirms. Make sure to track movements daily, and if you are worried try sipping on a sugary drink to see if your baby will become more active. Do not hesitate to contact your doctor if there is a change in movement frequency or an unusual change in the patterns of your baby’s movements.

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