Your Pregnancy At Week 39

by Your Baby Club

Time to nest. The urge to get your house in order may leave you tempted to climb ladders and fix the leaky roof. Trust us, you are far from invincible at this point and your sense of balance is a little off-kilter! Save the high up jobs to your other half! But feel free to dabble in some light chores if you must OR google local cleaning companies and get someone to do it all for you and put your feet up - you’re almost there!

All of this activity and you may be starting to feel some mild contractions as things start to happen. Best advice, unless your waters break, carry on as much as you can. Early labour, especially when it is your first baby, can stop and start. Getting all psyched up too soon can leave you exhausted before the curtain even goes up.

Make sure you learn the difference between real contractions and Braxton Hicks as they can feel very similar. Most pregnancies are wrapped up between week 39 and 40, so make sure your hospital bags are packed and ready to dash out the door for when those contractions start getting more rapid. You should call your midwife and make your way to the hospital when they last about 60 seconds and are about 5 minutes apart, so make sure you time them - there’s plenty of apps that can help with this. Going to the hospital too early may result in you being sent home again if your contractions are too far apart.


Your baby will be at their full weight by this point, with just their brain growing by the day, ready to soak in the world and new experiences, sights and sounds.

​These last few days will drag, especially if your baby decides to stay in a little longer and you may also be struggling to sleep, with your mind active and body uncomfortable. Sorry to tell you this, but you’re just going to get more and more uncomfortable until the baby is born as it wriggles and moves into its final head down birthing position, pushing your pelvis apart
Hopefully, you are on maternity leave now and can have a nap in the afternoon and get your feet up to give your back and pelvis a rest.

Sit back, relax, let your body have a bit of R&R before it’s time to push.

One week left! Let's find out what happens in week 40.

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