Your Pregnancy At Week 40

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By Week 40, your baby usually will have arrived between week 39 and 40, but for 1 in 10 mums-to-be, their baby decides they don’t want to be evicted quite yet.

Everyone deals with reaching this milestone differently. For some, reaching their due date doesn’t change anything, for others it can feel like a bit of an anticlimax. Don’t worry if you are feeling a little emotional too, you are about to become a Mum – it’s an emotional time.

Your baby will be at full birth weight by week 40 and can be anything from 6 to 12lbs. For larger babies, reaching full-term may spur your midwife to discuss induction. If the baby continues to grow inside you, it will make labour a bit trickier, so getting things moving is important for both mum and baby. For smaller babies, your body is still providing all of the nutrients your baby needs as well as antibodies needed to fight infection following birth, so sit back and wait until your baby is ready. This could only be for a further week if your midwife thinks it’s safe to wait.

You can use this time to perfect the little one’s nursery, think about finalising names if you’ve not yet decided and have all your hospital bag contents packed and ready to go.

So when will you start feeling those all-important contractions? Some women, even when overdue, start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. If they don’t increase in frequency and severity, they are just practice contractions. Once you’ve had Braxton Hicks, you’ll know it when the real ones come - trust us!


One event, however, that’s not always guaranteed, are your waters breaking. Less than 15% of women experience a true rupture of the amniotic membrane, and if it does, it won’t be that bucket-dump you see in movies, it’s more like a trickle or small gush, like the little wee you may have done as your pelvic floor has been weakening - except your waters will be clear and odourless!

When you’re ready, your contractions are regular and dilation has started, it’s time to head to the hospital or birthing unit ready to meet your baby! 

Just remember, you can do this!

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