Your Pregnancy at Week 6

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Oh, dear! Have you started hibernating? Growing a tiny human can be extremely tiring and an emotional rollercoaster. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being a teensy bit moody too with all the extra hormones floating around your body. In fact, if you have read ahead and are only 4 or 5 weeks pregnant, you may want to get your partner to read about how they can help so that they are at the ready with patience and TLC! It is important to remember though that if this mood persists it may be worth having a chat with your GP.

No longer a small grain of rice, your little one is now a prize…baby SEAHORSE! Don’t worry this change in shape is the transition to getting 1st prize in the baby show by week 40! If you were able to get a good close look at your little seahorse you would be able to see dark spots where the eyes are growing and small buds where the arms and legs will start to grow. How amazing that in just a few short weeks we are starting to see all the signs of a new person emerging.

Also growing this week is your little one’s kidneys, liver and lungs, their jaw, cheeks and chin are also developing and little indentations on the side of its head will eventually become ears - how cute! The little bump on its face will grow into a cute little button nose in just a few short weeks and its tiny heart is now beating 110 times a minute and getting faster each day until it’s double the speed of yours.


Pregnancy hormones levels are getting high now, so nausea (morning sickness) may have reared its ugly head. Whether you actually vomit or just have that horrible feeling in your throat and stomach, we’re sorry to say it's something you’ll need to get used to... until the second trimester at least. You may still have tender breasts and cramping, both of which are completely normal. If your vomiting is constant however and you can’t seem to keep any food down, see your GP or doctor as it could be HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) which could last your entire pregnancy.

It will also be a couple of weeks yet until you see a midwife, but it may be a good time to ring up your GP or community midwife and let them know your news and get you booked in for your booking appointment at 8 weeks. Don’t forget, you are now entitled to free prescriptions and dental care throughout your pregnancy and up to a year afterwards, so you will want to get your exemption certificate.

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